Following the historic milestone of Filipina pop icon Sarah Geronimo being specifically chosen by Billboard Philippines to receive the “Global Force” Award at the 2024 iteration of Billboard Women In Music Awards, Billboard Philippines is launching the country’s very first Women In Music Awards this March. This will be the first ever official Philippine edition of the prestigious awards show, coinciding with International Women’s Month.

Since 2007, Billboard has consistently used its superior authority in the global music industry to champion and highlight the astonishing efforts and outstanding achievements women have made within the music realm through the Billboard Women In Music Awards. As stated in a 2007 article by Billboard, its “Woman Of The Year” Award was created to “recognize extraordinary women in the music industry who have made significant contributions to the business and who, through their hard work and continued success, inspire generations of women to take on increasing responsibilities within the field.”

olivia rodrigo sheryl crow billboard women in music 2022 woman of the year

Courtesy of Emma McIntyre for Getty Images/Billboard.

But why exactly is having a Philippine edition such a big deal? The Billboard Philippines Women In Music Awards in itself will be a major historic leap in Filipino music as it positions itself to be the first ever music awards show in the Philippines solely dedicated to highlighting Filipina artists in the local music industry. Billboard Philippines Women In Music is not meant to create competition among women in the industry based on certain criteria. Instead, it aims to use these criteria to rightfully honor and champion the diverse community of women in Filipino music as a whole; shining a well-deserved spotlight on all them for the rest of the world to see. Here, an honor for one of them is an honor for all of them.

With Sarah Geronimo being the first ever homegrown Filipina artist set to be honored at the Billboard Women In Music Awards this March 6 in Los Angeles, the Philippine iteration of the highly-regarded event could not have come at a more perfect time. For a country with many women rightfully earning or having already attained their status as music heavyweights much like Geronimo, a fitting event like this is undoubtedly long overdue but it is finally here. At last.

Over the years, from honoring iconic pop veterans such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga to recognizing the widespread influence of K-pop groups such as TWICE and NewJeans, Billboard Women In Music has bestowed awards based on a curated selection of categories determined to properly highlight the diverse range of accomplishments and far-reaching impact women have significantly made for music and within the music industry itself. From skyrocketing through the music charts with hit tracks to making groundbreaking contributions to the industry, these categories cover everything.

As the media authority connecting Filipino music to the rest of the world, Billboard Philippines has chosen for its first iteration of Women In Music a total of six of these categories (and their respective winners, slated to be announced soon), each carefully determined to best suitably embody the standard of musical excellence within the Philippines.

Woman Of The Year

To say that you have significantly contributed to Filipino music is no easy feat. Time and time again in its history, women have led by example and showcased their incredible musical prowess to go toe-to-toe with any challenge that comes their way, with their names ultimately becoming synonymous to “OPM” (Original Pilipino Music) itself.

For the Billboard Philippines Women In Music “Woman Of The Year” Award, the prestigious accolade shall honor a Filipina artist who has shown considerable success in their career and has made significant contributions to the Filipino music industry; showcasing, at the same time, inherent qualities of leadership for the new generation of Filipino people.

In 2024, Billboard Women In Music will honor Colombian pop and reggaeton singer Karol G with the “Woman Of The Year” Award. Previous awardees include R&B singer SZA, rapper Cardi B, and pop hitmaker Olivia Rodrigo.

sza woman of the year billboard women in music 2023

Courtesy of Christopher Polk for Getty Images/Billboard


Perhaps a defining feature of Filipino music is that it is not monolithic in terms of genres. Our widespread love for the likes of pop, rock, and folk are major indicators of this; positively causing our spectrum of musical genres to constantly grow and evolve since the inception of OPM.

To be able to say that one’s involvement in all of this has led to defining innovations and significant milestones is not something you hear just about anyone in Filipino music. However, these legends do exist and the only fitting thing to do is shine a light upon these trailblazers and what they have done for OPM. And so, the Billboard Philippines Women In Music “Icon” Award shall honor a Filipina artist whose musical work has led them to attain exceptional achievements as well as aided them in making momentous contributions within the music industry and towards the essence of Filipino artistry itself.

For Billboard Women In Music, the “Icon” Award will be given in 2024 to Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue. Previous honorees include the likes of iconic veteran pop singers Jennifer Lopez, Alanis Morisette, and Cyndi Lauper.

Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen photographed by Rich Polk/PMC for Billboard Women in Music 2023.


The Filipino’s love for music is undeniable. We listen to it whenever, wherever, and however we can. Whether it be on our phones through our favorite music platforms with earphones on as we head to school or through the radio as we ride a UV Express home from work, we are always listening to music. Over the years, it is undeniable that our love for it has helped, time and time again, propel our favorite Filipino artists and their work to new heights; often reaching record-breaking numbers in the process in terms of factors such a countless streams and sold-out concert sales. Using indicators and metrics such as these, these artists have achieved concrete and data-driven career breakthroughs thanks to the countless listeners who made it possible.

Recognizing that this is no easy feat for anyone and it is only right to give credit where credit is due, the Billboard Philippines Women In Music “Powerhouse” Award shall honor a Filipina artist whose music has undisputedly shown utmost superiority when it comes to factors such as streamings, CD and ticket sales, as well as extensive radio play in the Philippines.

In 2024, Billboard Women In Music will honor Charli XCX with the “Powerhouse” Award. Awardees from previous years include rappers Latto and Megan Thee Stallion as well as pop artists Dua Lipa and Kelly Clarkson.

Latto and Chlöe

Latto and Chlöe photographed by Christopher Polk/PMC
for Billboard Women in Music 2023.


To be able weave songs that resonates with millions of Filipinos takes a special kind of artistic intuition to be able to achieve. Becoming a household name through your craft is a feat many could only dream of coming true.

A dream? Yes. An impossible one? No. The Filipino artists who are able to actualize this dream ultimately end up causing cultural resets; the fruits of their creative endeavors ultimately redefining what music means to the masses forever and aiding them in etching their well-deserved place in the rich history of OPM. As a recognition of these unparalleled artists, the Billboard Philippines Women In Music “Hitmaker” Award shall be given to a Filipina artist whose musical work has caused significant changes and wielded influence on Filipino culture.

For the 2024 edition of Billboard Women In Music, the “Hitmaker” Award will be given to breakout hip-hop artist Ice Spice. There have only been two other honorees for the award: country icon Dolly Parton in 2020 and dance-pop singer-songwriter Charli XCX in 2014.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX photograped by Michael Seto for Billboard Women in Music 2014.

Rising Star

To have loyal supporters and dedicated listeners as an artist is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, effort, resolve and, of course, the inherent artistry to be able to build up and cultivate a devoted fanbase. However, if we take one look at the Filipino music scene, we can see concrete evidence that, yes, it is indeed possible.

From staunch metalheads to devoted pop acolytes, the support of these followings, combined with the artists’ unrelenting efforts and dedication to their craft, are what give birth to breakout personas; causing career-changing waves within the music industry and ultimately being poised to become the very next definition of Filipino music. And ever so often, we come to encounter standout artists such as these which is why the Billboard Philippines Women In Music “Rising Star” Award shall be given to those whose work and artistry has aided them in attaining an undeniable rise in the local music scene. For them, not even the sky is the limit. For them, there is no way to go but up.

For Billboard Women In Music in 2024, the “Rising Star” Award will be given to R&B star Victoria Monét. Honorees in the past include hip-hop artist Doechii and pop singers Halsey and Carly Rae Jepsen.


Doechii photographed by Christopher Polk/PMC for Billboard Women in Music 2023.

Rule Breaker

Creativity and artistry do not behave and cannot be restrained. Nobody knows this better than the Filipino people. The evolution of what the term “OPM” has come to mean for each generation alone has proven this constantly. It is the reason why Filipino music remains alive and kicking to this day. And so, to honor the ones who are unapologetically themselves and not willing to be boxed in, the Billboard Philippines Women In Music “Rule Breaker” Award shall be rightfully bestowed to a Filipina artist who has consistently torn down barriers alongside defying typical expectations within the music industry; demonstrating a strong resolve to impart a powerful message to the younger generation.

For Billboard Women In Music, the “Rulebreaker” Award was last given in 2023 and it was awarded to American country singer Lainey Wilson. Previous awardees include SZA, Karol G, as well as pop singer Kehlani.

Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson photographed by Christopher Polk/PMC for Billboard Women in Music 2023.

Stay tuned for the announcement of Billboard Philippines’ Women In Music awardees soon. Billboard Philippines will also be unveiling fan-voted categories, watch this space for updates.