Billboard has always used its influential platform to bring recognition and attention to artists that are making noise in the industry, regardless of who they may be. You see this the most through their highly regarded awards ceremony: Women In Music

Whether it’s for staging awe-inspiring concert tours, amassing millions of streams, topping global music charts, or creating magic behind the scenes, Billboard’s Women In Music shines the spotlight on women that are leaving their mark in the world of music. The annual event carves out space for incredible artists and creators in an industry that often overlooks them; it’s a ceremony dedicated to recognize exemplary women that consistently define and redefine music in their own unique way.

So, as International Women’s Month draws near, Billboard Philippines is shining a light on Women In Music, one the most influential stages dedicated to uplifting and honoring the artistry and resilience of women across the music industry.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey courtesy of Billboard.

What is Women In Music?

As one of Billboard’s flagship endeavors, Women In Music is an annual awards ceremony, held to “recognize extraordinary women in the music industry who have made significant contributions to the business and who, through their hard work and continued success, inspire generations of women to take on increasing responsibilities within the field,” as Billboard writes in a 2007 article.

Women In Music was established in 2007 and has grown to become one of the most anticipated nights in music. Through varied awards, the ceremony honors and celebrates women across multiple sectors of the music industry including performing artists, singers, and musicians, as well as composers, producers, songwriters, music critics and journalists, and music educators.

Most notably, the biggest accolade of the night is Women of the Year, an award given to exemplary individuals that are a relentless force in the industry, who continually break boundaries and redefine what it means to be an artist. In the past, the likes of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and SZA have received the award for their incomparable achievements in music.

Jameela Jamil with Taylor Swift

Courtesy of Billboard.

What happens at Women In Music?

In its simplest form, it is an evening meant for celebration. However, beyond the glitz and glamor of its red carpet and star-studded guests, at its core, Women In Music is meant to amplify the voices of women who are undeniably changing music.

During the event, Billboard invites on women who have succeeded in their own respective fields and inspired change in the industry. Across all their awards, every honoree is not only at the top of their craft and exhibit exceptional artistry, but also embody the brilliance and strength of a woman taking up a space in an ever-changing and competitive industry.

While every awardee — past, present, and to come — of the night is chosen because they have been trailblazers in their own ways, receiving a Women In Music award means astounding recognition that commends and validates what they’ve already achieved and what they have yet to accomplish. These artists have the power to be a catalyst of change and inspire generations to come through their work.

With the endorsement of their respective awards, so many of these honorees have gone on to reach greater heights and break glass ceilings. You see it in the likes of Swift who consistently dominate airwaves and music charts with her music; or Beyoncé who actively evolves as an artist; or Rodrigo who has paved new roads for young women; or Madonna who continues to be one of the most highly regarded figure in the industry.


Madonna courtesy of Billboard.

Why is Women In Music important?

Like most award giving bodies, Women In Music lauds those who have achieved tremendous successes and challenged expectations; but more specifically, the event also advocates for a bigger change in the music industry and society as a whole.

It’s no secret that the music industry often discounts female artists, overlooking their achievements when compared to their male counterparts. In response to this, Women In Music commands the spotlight onto women and their many contributions to music — not for the sake of tokenism but rather a means of shedding light onto the art, stories, and music that add value to the industry.

As the industry evolves, Women In Music also expands and looks at a wider selection of artists, namely those closer to home. They’re starting to make space for the stories and sounds of an entire culture and upbringing, leading global audiences to music that goes beyond the language they understand and are familiar with.


TWICE photographed by Rich Polk/PMC for Billboard.

Last year, they honored the likes of South Korean girl group TWICE and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Ivy Queen in 2023. While this year, they’re awarding K-pop powerhouse NewJeans with Group of the Year, naming Latin pop icon Karol G as Women of the Year, and even introducing the Global Force Award which recognizes woman blazing trails in their own respective music scenes. In line with that, Billboard — with the nomination of Billboard Philippines — is set to announce their first-ever Filipina awardee, opening the doors to Filipino music as whole.

In short, beyond just giving way for influential women that are integral pillars of the music industry, they champion diversity and inclusion across all its forms. It is through platforms like Women In Music that prove great music truly knows no bounds.

The 2024 Women In Music event is happening this March 6 (March 7 PH Time) at the YouTube Theatre in Los Angeles, California and will be broadcasted the following day.