Awit Award winner Dwta is one of the music industry’s leading artists today, with songs like “Padaba Taka,” “Santigwar,” and “Delikado” highlighting the poetry of the Bikol language.

Bikol is one of the many Filipino languages in the country, and originates from the Bicol region in the southern part of Luzon. Given that it’s a separate language from Tagalog, there are words that aren’t understandable to a Tagalog crowd.

In an interview for Billboard Philippines’ acoustic and folk issue, she opened up about how writing a song for a music competition led her to creating more songs in Bikol. “It was during that process that I discovered the beauty of the Bikol language when sung in its sincere expressiveness.”

Fast forward to now, and Dwta has performed her songs in places all over the Philippines. Most recently, she performed at the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival, intimate gigs around Metro Manila, and more. However, she still has a fear that audiences won’t be able to relate to her because of the language barrier.

Lalo na kapag nasa Manila [ako], since hindi naman lahat ng audience sa Manila or mga nag-aattend sa gig…nakakintindi ng Bikol. So kinakabahan ako kung magugustuhan nila yung mga songs ko since it’s written in Bikol,” she reveals in this week’s episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes.

(Especially when I’m in Manila, since not everyone in Manila or those who attend [my] gigs…understand Bikol. So I get scared thinking about if they like my songs since it’s written in Bikol.)

With the surge of music from various regions across the country, Dwta maintains that’s time that we support “sariling atin” (our own).

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