Before we move forward to a new year, let’s look back on some of your favorite music of 2023.

The Billboard Philippines team asked you for your top songs, albums, and music videos of the year — and wow, did all of you come through. Garnering thousands of responses over the course of a week from all corners of the world, you let us in on the music that made your 2023 one hell of a year.

From P-pop hits to indie gems, the answers were as diverse as music fans come but ultimately, we had to narrow it down. So, before we reveal our choices for the best Filipino releases of the year, here are yours!


“GENTO” – SB19

From global music charts to your favorite K-pop groups’ TikTok page, SB19’s “GENTO” has been everywhere — and rightfully so. Undeniably one of the P-pop act’s most dynamic singles to date, “GENTO” sees Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin proudly claim their identity and artistry. 

“ERE” – juan karlos

If there’s any song that resonated with everyone this year, it’s juan karlos’ “ERE”. Serving as the lead track off of the singer’s Sad Songs and Bulshit Part 1, “ERE” made history by being the first Filipino song to ever break into the Spotify’s Global Charts, peaking at 67th place and earning the most number of single-day streams for any local song in history with 1.66 million streams. 

“Karera” – BINI

As a follow-up to their bubblegum pink 2022 album, Feel Good, BINI kicked off a new era with the mellow and encouraging “Karera”. The single moves away from the punchy and vibrant sounds of their sophomore album, while still staying true to everything fans love most about them. 

“Tsada Mahigugma” – Maymay Entrata

Referring to a Bisaya phrase that means “it feels good to be in love”, Maymay Entrata’s “Tsada Mahigugma” is fun, adorable, and beautifully captures the bliss of finding that special someone. It’s a vibrant addition to the singer-actress’ blossoming discography.

“Tingin” – Cup Of Joe and Janine Teñoso

Taking over music charts and our hearts, Cup of Joe and Janine Teñoso’s “Tingin” is a track we keep coming back to. From the enchanting harmonies to the electrifying instrumentals, the collaboration is as captivating as it is catchy.



SB19’s latest offering, PAGTATAG! is undeniably SB19 at their very best so far. Pushing boundaries and challenging norms, the P-pop group capture what they’ve achieved in the last five years and what else is to come across the EP’s six tracks. 

Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1 – juan karlos

Put together from the pieces of juan karlos’ broken heart, Sad Songs And Bullshit Part 1 is true insight into what it really takes to heal and recover. The album takes us through every step of his journey, from the immediate grief of a lost love to the painful periods of self-doubt to finally mending your heart.


A first album or EP is nothing to be taken lightly and FELIP made sure of it with COMPLEX. Kicking off the year strong, the rapper — also known as Ken from SB19 — stepped out from his usual quiet and mysterious demeanor to deliver a hard-hitting and bold debut six-track record. A true artist, he ventures into new sonic realms without ever losing his sense of self.

Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1) – Denise Julia

Before the year comes to an end, the “Patron Saint of Situationships”, Denise Julia dropped her highly anticipated debut mini-album. All about choosing better and being better (or at least trying to), Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1) is more than just a compilation of viral TikTok choruses but a collection of witty lyrics and catchy melodies that you can’t help but groove to.

Patutunguhan – Cup Of Joe

Cup of Joe’s Patutunguhan takes after the band’s name. Across six tracks including hits like “Estranghero”, “Mananatili”, and “Tingin”, the band evokes warmth and comfort as they tell stories on the complexities of love and finding where you fit in the world.


‘Raining In Manila’ – Lola Amour

Set in a future where it’s been raining in Manila for 1,427 days, the music video for Lola Amour’s “Raining In Manila” follows the eccentric story of John who finds an unlikely bond with a gecko after losing his wife, Sheila. Directed by Marius Talampas, the cinematic visual takes you through so many twists and turns, taking on a creative interpretation of the viral pop hit.

‘GENTO’ – SB19

From dance breaks in caves to golden ducks in showers, the music video for SB19’s “GENTO” is filled with so many hidden gems that you can’t help but rewatch to make sure you catch every single detail. It’s fun and grand, much like the song itself. 


FELIP has always had mesmerizing music videos and “ROCKSTA” definitely did not disappoint. While it may stray away from an elaborate set and story like its predecessors, “Palayo” and “Bulan”, the flashy, monochrome visuals for “ROCKSTA” is its greatest strength. From the song to the music video, it’s clear that FELIP is making a statement.

‘SITWANSYONSHIP’ – Janine Berdin

Janine Berdin takes the leading role in her music video for “SITWANSYONSHIP”, beautifully encapsulating the delusion, confusion, and insanity of being in an undefined relationship. As you watch on, you question Berdin’s actions but also can’t help but empathize with her love-struck ways.

‘Siya’ – One Click Straight

Directed and animated by comic book artist Mervin Malonzo, the music video for One Click Straight’s “Siya” sees how music and love can inject color into a mundane world. It tells the riveting story of two partners taking on the world hand-in-hand, unfazed by all that’s thrown at them. 

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