Singer-songwriter Janine Berdin makes her Billboard Philippines debut with her latest track, “SITWASYONSHIP.”

Released last September, “SITWASYONSHIP” tackles the confusion and hurt that comes with a no-label relationship. In an Instagram post celebrating the release of the track’s music video, she wrote, “Janine, I am so proud of you. You are a lover of the arts. You are obsessed, passionate, ambitious — and crazy. goddamn, are you crazy. ‘di ka mapakali e noh? Minsan ang kulit mo rin masyado eh. Kahibalo ko unsa ka ka frustrated sa tanan tanan, kaybaw jud ko unsa ni nimo kagusto (You just can’t be stopped, right? Sometimes, you’re too much of a go-getter. I know how frustrated you can get about everything, and you know exactly what you want) but look at you girl. You’re putting out art you respect, art you worked so hard for, art you believe in. Art that is yours. Art that is you.”

Berdin is the first female Filipino artist to ever top the Billboard Philippines Songs Charts. Her collaboration with Adie, “Mahika,” is currently the longest-charting track in the chart’s history at 70 weeks and counting.

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Last week, Dilaw performed reimagined versions of “Uhaw,” “Orasa,” and “Janice,” as well as an unreleased track “Walwal” on Studios, while Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson sat down with “Raining in Manila” band Lola Amour on balancing a day job and a music career on Volumes.

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