It’s no secret that Asia is home to so much musical talent.

We see it in the diverse musical tapestry that every country in the region has to offer, all boasting their own roster of artists that are shaking up their respective music scenes. The Philippines alone thrives with an abundance of artists from an array of genres, from electronic music to folk-pop to hip-hop, that are keeping the local scene alive and rich.

Now, imagine the magic from bringing together our homegrown talents with what the rest of the region has to offer. So without further ado, here is Billboard Philippines‘ wishlist of collaborations between Filipino and Asian acts we hope to see one day.

Lola Amour and ENHYPEN’s Jay

7 Dream Asian Collabs - Lola Amour and ENHYPEN Jay

Lola Amour/Warner Music Philippines. Jay/BELIFT LAB.

Over the last couple of months, the interactions between Lola Amour and ENHYPEN have been aplenty. All centered around the Filipino pop-funk band’s “Raining In Manila”, members of the K-pop group have frequently shared their admiration of the band’s chart-topping hit during livestreams. Most notably, Jay picked up his guitar and learned how to play the pop song on the spot. Everyone’s just waiting for a full-fledged collaboration soon that brings together Lola Amour’s pop sound and memorable instrumental breaks and Jay’s innate musicality.

DJ Love and Milli

7 Dream Asian Collabs - DJ Love and MILLI

DJ Love photographed by Cru Camara for Manila Community Radio. Milli/YUPP!.

Davao-based budots pioneer DJ Love and Thai rapper Milli might seem like an odd pairing, but hear us out. Often backed by distinct electronic beats that borrow elements from traditional Thai music, Milli has no problem riding a beat as delightfully chaotic and fun as her — just listen to “Sad Aerobic” and “Mango Sticky Rice”. Pair that with DJ Love’s signature budots sound that features piercing horns and eccentric high-pitched samples of everyday sounds, and you have a duo you never thought you needed.

Ben&Ben and Scrubb

7 Dream Asian Collabs - Ben&Ben and Scrubb

Ben&Ben/Sony Music Philippines. Scrubb/Facebook

While Ben&Ben and Scrubb have virtually jammed before, we’re still waiting on an official collaboration that marries both the band’s soothing folk-pop sounds. The nine-piece Filipino band and Thai duo initially connected in 2020 through their fans, which led to a virtual performance of Scrubb’s “Everything” recorded using household items. It’s been three years since then and their fans (and us) are still hoping for a full song.

Zae and Suboi

7 Dream Asian Collabs - Zae and Suboi

Zae/Facebook. Suboi/Facebook.

Full of personality and armed with their distinct rap styles, the Philippines’ Zae and Vietnam’s SUBOI would create the hip-hop power anthem of our dreams. Their respective discographies have several gems all about being unapologetically yourself and being proud of where you come from that feature witty lyrics and a catchy flow. This is a duo we just know would work so well together.

Gabba and Elephant Gym

7 Dream Asian Collabs - Gabba and Elephant Gym

Gabba photographed by Joshua Elefan. Elephant Gym/Facebook.

With Gabba‘s immersive math rock soundscapes and Taiwanese trio Elephant Gym’s intricate web of jazz, electronic, and classical music, this is a paring we just know would create magic together. As artists that create music primarily centered around melodies, both acts build a patchwork of sounds that bring you into a world of mystic and whimsy with every release. Now, imagine what the combination of Gabba’s and Elephant Gym’s sound would birth.

Felip and Voice Of Baceprot

7 Dream Asian Collabs - Felip and VOB

Felip/Warner Music Philippines. VOB/12WIRED.

Indonesian all-female metal trio Voice Of Baceprot are loud, unapologetic, and challenging norms. In the same vein, Filipino rapper Felip — who is also known as Ken of SB19 — is versatile, unpredictable, and breaking barriers. It’s no secret that Felip sounds incredible backed by a live band (as heard from his Super Sessions Live performances) and we imagine more so when paired with Voice of Baceprot’s unbarred, hardcore metal sound.

Paolo Sandejas and Phum Viphurit

7 Dream Asian Collabs - Paolo Sandejas and Phum Viphurit

Paolo Sandejas/Facebook. Phum Viphurit/Facebook.

Laidback, bright, and a bundle of sunshine, both Paolo Sandejas‘ and Phum Viphurit’s music were just made to be together. Both known for their respective chill, groovy indie pop tracks that ponder on life and love — like the Filipino singer’s “Sway” or the Thai singer-songwriter’s “Lover Boy” — this is a duo that we know would work wonders. Sandejas has even mentioned looking up to Viphurit and wanting to do what he has done for the Asian indie music scene. Here’s to hoping a collaboration is not too far-fetched.