With the release of Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1), it seems as if nothing is “Lackin'” about Denise Julia’s performance on the charts.

Just a few days past the album’s release, Julia has marked a splashing debut and climbed up numerous local charts in such a short amount of time –– including those of Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Such charts include Spotify’s Philippines’ Top 10 Female OPM Artists, Spotify Philippines’ Daily Top 10 OPM Artists, Spotify Philippines’ Top Songs Chart, Apple Music Philippines’ Top 10 Albums Chart, Apple Music Philippines’ Top 10 Songs Chart, and iTunes Philippines’ Top 10 Albums Chart. 

Denise Julia

Courtesy of @denisejvlia

Her songs “Lackin’ ” and “butterflies” debuted at positions #95 and #149 on Spotify PH’s chart respectively, garnering over 80,000 streams for each track upon release. This success should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to Julia’s career, given that the virality of her tracks on social media platforms such as TikTok enables her to reach a massive audience on the digital landscape.

Julia’s breakout hit NVMD has accumulated more than 133 million streams and counting since its release last year, but the promising success of her latest body of work only highlights her ability to sustain the momentum established earlier in her career.

In an exclusive sit-down with Billboard Philippines, Julia discussed her unique approach to social media and her experience collaborating with marketing manager Dom Guyot. Amidst her virality and success on the charts, Julia emphasized the importance of authenticity, often sharing behind-the-scenes moments of her life, while acknowledging the role that TikTok and her audience play in shaping her releases –– ensuring a lasting connection beyond initial viral success.

Listen to Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1) below: