Since their formation in 2018, SB19 has already achieved several milestones in their career — with that trajectory only expected to go higher as time goes by.

From the various hit singles, viral dance challenges, release of a smash hit EP, and establishing their own entertainment company, to gracing the cover of Billboard Philippines’ maiden issue, there’s been so much going on for the group in the year 2023 alone. 

Pablo (of SB19)

Pablo (of SB19) photographed by Geloy Concepcion

So in a remarkable testament to the group’s ever-growing popularity, SB19 treated their fans to a night that is tough to forget at their ONE ZONE SB19 Half A Decade Celebration Fanmeet. And as expected, the event was a whirlwind of excitement –– bringing fans more up close and personal to the group they’ve come to adore over these last five years.

Pre-Show Extravaganza

Even before the official program of the show formally started, the festivities began with a pre-show extravaganza that set the tone for what was to come. Fans were treated to three rounds of games and lottery-style events that gave them a taste of what else the program had in store for them. Of course, that was just the beginning of what was to come –– with the real treat being the desired prize to get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of going onstage with the members of the group.

Josh (of SB19)

Josh (of SB19) photographed by Geloy Concepcion

Though the excitement was already brewing up, the crowd reached fever pitch once the five-minute countdown to showtime commenced. The crowd’s anticipation was absolutely palpable, with screams growing louder and more intense the closer it got to zero. Even the gradually dimming lights added to the suspense, creating an atmosphere charged with electric anticipation.

And once the lights were completely off, that’s the moment when the real show began. 

An Explosive Entrance

SB19 didn’t waste a single moment to ramp things up to 100 –– launching their performance with the explosive “GENTO.”

The choice was one that was definitely fitting, setting the stage with a killer opening that left fans absolutely in awe of what was going on. The intricate choreography from the members and their chorus of dancers was just insane to behold, especially with how fluid their movements were in addition to being in sync with each other.

Justin (of SB19)

Justin (of SB19) photographed by Geloy Concepcion

To mark their individual introductions to the audience, the group’s solo dance showcases started with Justin and moved through Pablo, Josh, Stell, and Ken –– all of whom left members of the audience screaming at the top of their lungs. Each member’s performance was a display of sheer talent and charisma –– while still being a signature to their unique and individual personalities.

Following the showcase, the members made their way to the front of the stage to perform the swoon-worthy “I WANT YOU,” which brought a touch of R&B-inspired magic to the night (thanks to their sensual choreography in the song’s bridge), while the follow-up, the high-spirited “CRIMZONE“, was a pyrotechnic spectacle that left hearts pounding with just how enthralling the whole showcase was. 

In a mere seventeen minutes, SB19 delivered a performance that was worthy to be on a global stage.

Fan-Centric Fun

Given that this event was a fan meet, the main stars of the show were, of course, the ever loyal and dedicated members of the A’TIN fandom. 

During a short intermission after the group’s musical performance, a “live dance break” hosted by the event’s organizers had fans actively involved in the celebration –– with ten lucky fans selected to participate in the onstage activities with the group. From young kids to the “Titas of Manila” in the crowd, everyone was dancing to the best of their abilities to try and get the camera to notice them. 

Fans didn’t hold back from showcasing their love for SB19’s members, given that the coliseum was lovingly adorned with congratulatory tarpaulins –– each expressing their admiration and passion for their biases in the group.  As the fan program was set to begin soon, fans were treated to a surprise montage of the funniest moments from SB19’s older YouTube vlogs. 

Eventually, the audience was invited to “Show Break Live” –– hosted by members Justin and Ken, which offered fans a closer look at the dynamic duo’s camaraderie. Their comedic chemistry and charisma as hosts added an extra layer of entertainment to the show, while also enthralling the hearts of audience members who were screaming with a sense of giddiness.

Ken (of SB19)

Ken (of SB19) photographed by Geloy Concepcion

With Justin and Ken hosting the program, fellow members Pablo, Josh, and Stell helped to present the thirty selected participants on stage as the games were set to begin. The games included all throughout the event were “Quiz Bee 19,” a question-and-answer contest in which the fans’ knowledge of the group was put to the test; “Guess Bee 19,” a charades-style game with a twist, with SB19 members acting out the scenarios; and “Hold My *Blank*,” a game that had fans guessing which member’s body part they were holding.

These games in the program were not only amusing to behold, but also highlighted the comedic chemistry among the members that added an extra layer of fun, and also led to intense fan service moments that had the A’TIN fandom in endless screams of delight. 

Once the winner was announced, she was treated to a special round of the final game –– “Gento or Bento.” Similar to “Deal or No Deal,” the jackpot round had her choosing between boxes with various prizes. Luckily for her, the major prize was an exclusive dinner with SB19, which was a dream come true for her.

A Night To Remember

As the night drew to a close, fans were treated to a final performance of “FREEDOM,” which had each of the SB19 members holding up the cameras for their ongoing livestream. The fans in the VIP Standing pit section went crazy as members like Pablo, Josh, and Stell went down to exchange hugs and take photos with them –– making the event a memorable night for many of those in attendance.

Eventually, the time came for each member to say their heartfelt farewells, expressing their gratitude to everyone in the audience. “Mahal na mahal ka namin A’TIN. Lahat ‘to, this is all for you! [We love you so much A’TIN. Everything here today, this is all for you!]” said the group’s leader, Pablo, to the audience. 

Stell (of SB19)

Stell (of SB19) photographed by Geloy Concepcion

But before the group ended the program, they announced that they had one last treat in store for the audience –– concluding the night with the premiere release of their music video for “FREEDOM,” making it a shared moment of reaction between the SB19 members and their fanbase.

In its entirety, SB19’s fifth year anniversary fan meet was an event that managed to deepen the special bond between the group and the members of the A’TIN fandom — showcasing that these guys are doing it unlike anyone else in the Philippines.

The event was not just a celebration of SB19’s five remarkable years together, but it also served as a reminder that what fuels the group is truly their relationship with their fans. With how promising their future already is, the night only left everyone eager to see what the future holds for this talented and beloved Filipino sensation. 

As the night ended with “SLMT,” the mutual admiration between SB19 and their supporters was palpable, leaving no doubt that their journey was far from over.

SB19 fanmeet

Courtesy of @SB19Official