From rising stars meeting their idols to tear-jerking dedications of honorees to their loved ones, there was no shortage of special memories made because of the 2024 Billboard Philippines Women In Music Awards.

Held last March 22 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura, Taguig City, the event was the first ever Philippine iteration of the prestigious awards show, originally launched by Billboard in 2007. Following in their footsteps, Billboard Philippines Women In Music seeks to become a yearly tradition of recognizing and celebrating Filipinas in music and their significant contributions and achievements within and for OPM.

At first glance, indeed, the event definitely served its intended purpose: it did honor the spectacular women of OPM and underscored the invaluable contributions they’ve done for our music. But more than that, beyond the glamour of the lights and the outfits, what truly made Billboard Philippines Women In Music shine was the very same thing that has greatly motivated these artists time and time again, not just in music but in life as well: love, in all its forms, and the hearts it draws close together.

The very essence of it brought forth a number of memorable moments of admiration, respect, friendship, and compassion that would have probably gone unnoticed by anyone who wasn’t at the show themselves. Thanks to all corners of the Filipino music industry coming together for a night filled with the spirit of championing our women in music and for those weren’t there, here are some of very special moments you may have missed at the Billboard Philippines Women In Music Awards.

Ena Mori and Zild being the best of friends on-stage

Picture this: of all people, Ena Mori had just finished performing her latest track “Heartache Generation” in front of the likes of Armi Millare, Barbie Almalbis, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, and Sarah Geronimo – undeniably, juggernauts in OPM and the very women who have paved a way for Ena Mori to disrupt and rattle the music scene. Alongside such a thrilling moment for the up-and-coming artist, a dear friend and fellow rising musician was also there to cheer her on.

If you’ve heard of both Ena Mori and Zild, you know that these two have constantly defied norms and set trends and redefined them time and time again. But even more than that, the two are the best of friends (and former classmates) and, you know how you can just tell when that’s the case? Well, it was clearly evident when Zild went up to present the “Rule Breaker” award. “I am very proud to present this award to a fellow musician who constantly seeks to improve and innovate her craft through the exploration of cultures and sounds and the breaking of boundaries,” Zild proclaimed with delight.

As Zild absolutely hyped her up in an undeniable display of their friendship, we could not help but also smile with pride alongside him, with the two musical nonconformists playfully interacting with each other as Ena Mori took to the stage to receive her well-deserved accolade.

Stell of SB19 presenting the “Rising Star” award to BINI

Stell presenting BINI with the Rising Star award at the Billboard Philippines Women in Music.

BINI, Stell (of SB19) photographed by Excel/KLIQ PH.

Mula sa aming lima sa inyong walo, congratulations! Sama-sama nating itaguyod ang Filipino music here and on the global stage. [From the five of us to the eight of you, congratulations! Let’s continue to promote Filipino music here and on the global stage together.]”

“P-pop Rise!” – the term long been used as a rallying call for cooperation, collaboration, and friendship within the P-pop community – is perhaps the most perfect term to describe the fan-favorite moment that was SB19’s Stell presenting the “Rising Star” award to BINI.

For any long-time P-pop fan, they’ll know that the road SB19 took to get to where they are now at the pinnacle of P-pop was definitely not easy nor should it be chalked up to luck or a miracle. Similarly, BINI, lovingly called the “Nation’s Girl Group”, have also come a long, difficult way in their own journey of defying all odds for the sake of their dreams. P-pop in general, as the sub-genre and niche it has come to be known for today, has also had to continuously move mountains and cross oceans in proving over and over again its well-deserved spot in OPM.

And so, as Stell, one out of five of the beloved “Kings of P-pop”, congratulated the “P-pop Princesses” BINI and personally invited them to continue promoting Filipino music together on local and international stages, this sincere moment was not merely a testament to how far the 8-member unit has come nor was it just simply SB19 passing the torch from one frontrunner to another. Even more beautifully so, it was almost like a sending a message – a united proclamation to the rest of the Filipino music industry, saying, “Here we are and we are here to stay.”

For any member of the P-pop community, from fans to even the idols themselves, this declaration of camaraderie is what “P-pop Rise!” truly stands for. Without a doubt, this was an unforgettable moment for many but most especially for BINI themselves as members such as leader Jhoanna, Maloi, and Sheena would later go on to their social media to express their reactions and sincerest gratitude to their respected seniors.

Moira Dela Torre dedicating her “Hitmaker” award to her mom

For millions of people, they know Moira Dela Torre as the flawless weaver of popular love songs often touching on themes that hit close to home. But for those who were there last March 22, we now remember her as someone else – perhaps, as someone even personally more important for her: a loving daughter.

Undoubtedly, Dela Torre’s performance of her hit track ““Before It Sinks In” that night left attendees speechless. But what came afterwards certainly had everyone fighting back tears as much as her listeners do when taking in one of her works.

As Dela Torre received her “Hitmaker” award and carried out her acceptance speech, the acclaimed singer-songwriter stated that she was sharing this accolade with many people including her friends, label, management, and fans. But what caught us all emotionally off guard was when she decided to open up to everyone in attendance – stating that, most of all, she was dedicating this award to a very special person: her dear mother who single-handedly raised her. As she continued her heartfelt speech, we could not help but tear up alongside her; realizing that the inherent way she has always had of being courageously candid and touching the lives of people through her music was borne from a dedicated mother who has sacrificed so much and taught her how to “love unconditionally” no matter what.

“I’m sure it was hard to navigate as a single mom and face judgment from everybody but Mom, thank you for being brave. Because you didn’t give up, because you trusted God, I get to stand here. Who would’ve thought that the songs that I wrote as an outlet would resonate to so many people. You make me so brave Mama. I get to do all of this because you first did it for me. So Mom, this one’s for you.”

Jackie Lou Blanco’s revealing the kind of “Icon” her mom Pilita Corrales is

Jackie Lou Blanco photographed by Excel/KLIQ Inc.

“She paved the way for so many. Hindi siya madamot. Hindi niya alam na ganon siya kagaling. (She is not selfish. She does not know how great she is).”

With 135 albums and an illustrious career spanning six decades, it can be hard to believe that someone like Pilita Corrales personally doesn’t see how amazing she is. If we’re talking about someone who was in the mid-20th century and initially worked her way up and successfully attained recognition overseas in Australia first before trailblazing her own way locally in the Philippines, perhaps anyone would immediately agree how much an artist like Corrales is truly something else, especially for someone like her who has done so much in stitching together the very fabric and foundations of Filipino music.

And yet, as her daughter and actress Jackie Lou Blanco accepted the “Icon” award on behalf of her mother, her acceptance speech continuously revealed to the attendees even more just how admirable the veteran performer really is – showcasing how Asia’s Queen of Songs was not only to be commended for what she has achieved and contributed for Filipino music but also for who she truly is at her core.

“She has such a big heart and I know she has been an inspiration for so many, but more than anything, I’m so proud as her daughter,” stated Blanco as she shared a story of how Corrales once helped uplift and encourage Moira Dela Torre at a show. In the end, even if Corrales herself doesn’t see it or if anyone in attendance last March 22 was initially unsure of or didn’t know how much of an impact, both on-stage and off-stage, she has made, well, they, and everyone else, most certainly do now.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid proclaiming her son Nate as her legacy

“People will forget about me, will forget about my voice, what I’ve done in the industry, but my son will always remember me. My son is my legacy.”

Officially recognized as the best-selling artist in the history of Filipino music, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has clearly been on a milestone-laden journey throughout her entire career spanning nearly 40 years. From chart-topping hits to intensive radio airplay time and time again, her very presence and accomplishments within Filipino music is the very reason why she was chosen to be the very first “Powerhouse” honoree of Billboard Philippines Women In Music.

And yet, upon concluding her powerful rendition of “The Only Exception” by Paramore at the awards, her acceptance speech afterwards revealed to us that even with all her career highs, her greatest pride is not record-breaking numbers nor multiple sold-out concerts. No, it is her son Nate who was also in attendance that night – tearfully and proudly declaring him to be her biggest achievement of all.

In the face of everything she has been able to accomplish as a performer, everyone in attendance last March 22 got to know that this powerhouse of an artist is not someone simply to be admired for her work and the undeniable reach and influence she has had in Filipino music. More importantly so, she is also to be adored and remembered for being the loving mother that she is.

Matteo Guidicelli surprising Sarah Geronimo as the presenter of her “Woman of the Year” award

“I couldn’t be more proud and be grateful to be the one to present this award this evening. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the first Billboard Philippines Woman of the Year. Ladies and gentlmen, Sarah Geronimo.

When you love someone, it often manifests so clearly to the point where you don’t even need words to back it up. It just undeniably shows. And for those of us who were there last March 22, Matteo Guidicelli was evidently a shining example of this.

Whether it be in life or in her career, Guidicelli has steadfastly been by Sarah Geronimo‘s side through it all. From accompanying her as she became the first homegrown Filipina to receive the “Global Force” honor at the Billboard Women In Music event earlier this March in Los Angeles to beaming with pride throughout the first ever Billboard Philippines Women In Music Awards, it was so evident how much Guidicelli adored his life partner and how happy he was for her and all these accomplishments.

And so, when Guidicelli surprised everyone in attendance, including Geronimo herself, that he was actually the one tasked to present the Woman of the Year award to the Popstar Royalty, it just felt so perfect – a moment that had Billboard Global Force honoree ecstatic and left everyone’s hearts fluttering before Geronimo took the stage to deliver an unforgettable performance of her hit tracks “Dati-Dati” (Before) as well as “Ikot-Ikot” (In Circles).

BINI’s Sheena meeting her hero Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo with Sheena (of BINI)

Sarah Geronimo, Sheena (of BINI) photographed by

Behind any budding artist is always someone that has come before them that they greatly admire more than anyone else. Whether it be for creative inspiration or personal expression, these forerunners who paved the way for the up-and-comers will always be someone they’ll look up to. Now, imagine a scenario where you’re a young artist and you actually get to showcase your work and your skills in front of the very person who has inspired you? Sounds like a nerve-wracking experience right? Yet, it was something BINI’s Sheena was able to beautifully accomplish (and more) last March 22.

Having been rightfully bestowed the “Rising Star” honor, BINI’s Sheena is undoubtedly someone people admire, especially BINI’s ever-loving and dedicated fans, the BLOOMs. But last March 22, Sheena also had her very own shining moment as a fan.

Aside from the two being lovingly called siblings or look-a-likes, more importantly, Sarah Geronimo has always been the BINI member’s role model. So imagine what Sheena must have felt to be there at the Billboard Philippines Women In Music awards, not only because she got to interact with her hero but more so, because she got to share the same stage as her as well as showcase her very own artistry.

For those who observed throughout the event, Sheena’s admiration and respect for Geronimo was easily seen throughout the night – something that Sheena did not shy away from publicly expressing as she took to TikTok an assortment of clips featuring her reactions to Geronimo’s performance as well as them taking photos together during the awards. “If you would tell 7-year old Sheena that she would get the chance to watch Ms. Sarah G perform live and have a conversation with her, she would not believe you. Will forever look up to my amazing and humble inspiration,” her caption read. As she celebrated these moments with her idol, truly, it also made us happy to see Sheena living her very own fangirl dreams.

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