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How SB19 Have Forged A New Path For P-pop From the Philippines to the Global Stage

Being the “Kings of P-pop” is no easy feat, but it’s a title that SB19 carries well.

P-pop is an ever-growing genre that has made its way from local shores to the global stage. In just the last couple of years, we’ve had homegrown music put alongside some of the biggest names in music today; and pushing this movement forward is none other than SB19

Since the start of their careers, Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin have been continuously defying expectations of what Filipino pop music is and what it could be. They made history being the first-ever Filipino act to be nominated at the Billboard Music Awards in 2021, putting the global spotlight on P-pop.


Avel Bacaudio Terno Top and Trousers.

Despite all that was stacked against them, they continued to break barriers by being authentically themselves and staying true to their artistry. Today, they’re rightfully referred to as the “P-pop Kings”, a title they hold with great responsibility. 

“We put forward music, visuals, and experiences that tell our story and the message the best way possible—and if in the process of doing so, we get referred to as the ‘P-pop Kings’, then we do hope that these standards and references may push the boundaries of the industry and P-pop in general for us the break into the global scene,” Pablo tells Billboard Philippines

Wanting to further cement P-pop’s rise, SB19 recently established their own company, 1Z Entertainment

Described to be “the zone” where music and art grows and flourishes, the company and studio is an extension of their long-standing goal to change the industry. It’s their fearless pursuit to take the reins on everything that concerns their music and careers while also setting up a platform to further promote Filipino music and showcase how homegrown acts are consistently pushing boundaries.

Where SB19 goes next is up for them to decide but there’s no question that they’ll be trailblazing the future of Filipino pop music. 

A version of this story appeared on Billboard Philippines’ pop issue, dated Oct. 15.

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