It’s not easy to forge your path in a competitive industry such as the local music scene, but in just less than three years since their debut –– BINI has made quite the splash in just a short amount of time. 

With their colorful personalities on full display, it’s easy to understand why BINI’s appeal resonates with fans all over the country, even earning them the title of the “Nation’s Girl Group.” While others would feel the immense pressure that comes with a title such as that, the eight-member girl group carries its weight with a display of grace and honor that one wouldn’t expect from an act of their stature.

Their immense reach to hundreds of thousands of listeners across the Philippines has earned the support of a devout and loyal fanbase, lovingly named “Blooms”. Speaking about their encouragement, member Aiah explains just how much it inspires her and her fellow members of the group saying; “I think that their enthusiasm really helps us motivate one another.” 

“Seeing their efforts in supporting us, it makes us want to do more and put effort into the work we do. We put more energy into everything we do, and to make sure that always give our best –– whether it’s a song release or performance.”

As exemplified by the success of their recent release “Pantropiko”, it’s become evident that the reciprocal nature of mutual admiration for both BINI and their Blooms has resulted led to new career heights for the rising P-Pop group. Yet despite their rapid rise in the industry, the group’s focus on getting better at their craft while staying authentic to their own identities has only strengthened over time. 

“Before we launched [as a group], we initially set the standards for ourselves that we should be like this, and we should be proper. But when we started, we gradually started to reveal who we really are as people –– being more like the human beings we are rather than conforming to the idol standards that the industry is often used to”, says Mikha. “There are so many standards that you should be like this or that when you’re an idol. But when people started looking at us, we just decided to continue with what we want and what we can do, so I feel like they loved seeing us be ourselves and so relatable”, she continues.


For BINI, such authenticity doesn’t merely manifest in their individual expression, but also in the music that they release as a group. Like with their song “Karera”, the track was birthed as a catchy cathartic declaration on the “race of life” as they described –– and even features writing credits from three of the group’s members. “Karera is our baby”, jokes the group’s leader Jhoanna. “I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Karera is their bias, while their bias wrecker is Pantropiko. But for us, Karera is the one that stole our hearts and the show,” she laughs.

However, that isn’t to say that their smash-hit “Pantropiko” isn’t dear to them –– given how surprised they were to see its unexpected success since its release. “When we released Pantropiko, it was during November, right after Halloween and before Christmas. So despite the weird timing, we were happy to see that it performed well, and we were glad that everyone liked it. And now that it’s almost the summer season, seeing how well it’s doing shows that the timing is perfect”, says Jhoanna.

Though the P-Pop scene has rapidly grown over the last year, BINI doesn’t worry about any sort of competition with other groups in the industry –– given that their primary focus is on themselves and their artistry. “We’re not really focusing on others, because it’s more of a competition within ourselves to be better. This is so we can prove ourselves more to other people, especially now that more people are beginning to recognize us and our music,” says Colet.  

Adding to this, she also mentions, “Besides the Blooms, more people [out there] are judging us. So we have to challenge ourselves and go above our own standards just so that we can improve on our craft.” Luckily for them, the group works together to go above and beyond with their releases –– making an effort to show that everything is a collaborative effort designed as close as possible to perfection (or at least true to what they intend to achieve). 

“When we’re working on our songs, we [also] have listening sessions wherein everyone is involved and we all get to hear the work that we do”, says Aiah. “And if ever we each have something that we want to add in or change, we’re allowed to do that and it also shows how collaborative we are with our management”, she adds. 

Even when it comes to their impressive choreography (which has sparked various dance covers and challenges on platforms like TikTok), almost every aspect of that comes from their hard work and dedication to their craft. “Actually, we’re so, so proud of Sheena kasi she’s the one who choreographed the dance”, states Jhoanna. Adding further to her praise, Jhoanna continues; “Parang a huge part of why the song got viral is because of the dance, so we’re so fortunate to have her as part of our group”, to which Sheena shrugs off, noticeably blushing.

Amidst all the changes that have occurred with BINI’s continuing ascent in the scene, the one aspect that has ultimately remained constant is the loyalty of their Blooms. Though their numbers have only grown in size over the years, their unwavering support for the P-Pop icons has been evident since the group’s inception in 2021. But unlike what you’d expect from the usual types of fandoms, the bond that BINI shares with their blooms is totally unique, and of a different breed of passion. 

“When we did our first few gigs, we weren’t so big at the time. There were only 15 or 20 people who would show up, but it [still] made us so happy to see our fans come out and see us. Pero with our recent performances, nagulat kami na suddenly parang ibang iba na, kasi ang dami nang nagshoshowup –– so much more than we can count”, says Stacey.

As role models to their Blooms, Maloi shares how it’s such an honor to really inspire their fans in any way they can. “Minsan sinasabihan kami na kami daw yung dahilan kung bakit sila nag-aaral or nag-aachieve sa mga goals nila, na parang we’re their inspiration or a stress reliever for them. I’m glad there are people like us who can really help them, however way we can inspire them to be their best selves”, she mentions. 

Unlike most forms of idol culture, the group notes how easy it is to connect with their fans. “I feel like our relationship with our Blooms is very transparent, kasi we’re very open when we commit mistakes, but they’re there to help us correct and learn from our errors. Hindi sila yung type na immediately nag-cacancel sa amin, pero they’d rather educate us instead, which we really appreciate,” says Colet. 

“We’re really grateful to have our Blooms, and we’re so happy to see that there are more of them today”, Aiah states. “Whether it’s our OG Blooms or our Baby Blooms, we now see why we’re building this cute family. And as the years go by, we’re becoming so much stronger –– and we feel that because of all these warm engagements we didn’t expect to happen.”

As BINI continues to make their ascent as shining stars in the Philippine music scene, there is no doubt about the significant impact they’re going to have on the landscape of P-Pop as we know it. Yet despite their rise to prominence, their journey so far has only proven that they have yet to lose an ounce of their distinct identities –– staying true to themselves in an industry that can take so much from anyone who makes it big.

With an ever-expanding fan base across the nation, BINI’s unwavering commitment to preserving their distinctive charm has only strengthened their universal appeal, becoming the cornerstone of their success. As they embark on a journey towards global recognition, their infectious energy and unique blend of talent promise to captivate audiences worldwide. In their own words, “Welcome to the BINI-Verse!” – it stands as an invitation that resonates not just with their Blooms, but with anyone ready to embrace the magnetic allure of this phenomenal P-pop group.

This story originally appeared in Billboard Philippines’ special Women in Music issue dated March 22, 2024.