Lola Amour have announced that comedian-singer Michael V will be joining their upcoming tour finale show this November 26, 6 PM, at Parklinks.

Michael V has been known to create parodies of viral songs on the variety show, Bubble Gang. Last September, he performed a parody of “Raining In Manila” titled “Waiting Here sa Pila” (Waiting Here In Line) as “Lolo Kanor.” Other guest performances at the finale show include Jikamarie, Dilaw, Of Mercury, and Arthur Miguel.

The show will be free admission. However, interested attendees may avail of exclusive access to the Parklinks Bridge to see the bands up close. Check out the full details here.

Earlier this year, Lola Amour made waves locally and internationally for their hit “Raining in Manila.” The song has been recognized by a number of international artists, such as ENHYPEN’s Jake.

In an interview with Billboard Philippines on why they thought the single went viral, frontman Pio Dumayas shared, “[The rain] gave us [the] opportunity to get so many memes out there so people could instantly relate even if they didn’t understand the song yet… People started sharing their stories or telling us that they related to the meaning of the song. It’s a mix of being prepared and luck.”

Trumpeteer Angelo Mesina added, “A lot of markets abroad received the song well. I think the English lyrics in the chorus also helped people visualize [rain] in Manila.”

Last October 25, the band released the highly-awaited music video for the track. When the band released the initial teaser, they were met with online backlash regarding the tone of the video. In response, Lola Amour released a statement clarifying the full story of the music video, saying, “We just want to say that we hear you and we understand your disappointment. We were not sensitive enough about how the teaser was presented, and with that, we are sorry. We do hope you give the [music video] a chance as it was greatly misrepresented by the teaser.”