In response to the music video of “Raining in Manila“, Lola Amour has released a statement clarifying its story and concept via social media. This comes after the public reception of the video’s 30-second teaser that was posted earlier this week.

In the band’s statement, they explained the storyline of “Raining In Manila”, sharing that it is set in a distant future where it’s been raining in Manila for 1427 days. The video follows the story of a man who reconnects with his long lost wife through a magic gecko.

Directed by Marius Talampas, the music video turns Manila into a flooded city where residents travel around in boats. It follows the story of John, who gets disconnected from his wife Sheila presumably at the start of the rain in the city. He tend finds love in unexpected places — like with a magic gecko, who he believes is Shiela. When Shiela (the gecko) gets abducted, John fights of his life to get her back. The video ends with the years-spanning rain in Manila finally coming to an end.

In their statement, Lola Amour also went on to write, “We just want to say that we hear you and we understand your disappointment. We were not sensitive enough about how the teaser was presented, and with that, we are sorry. We do hope you give the [music video] a chance as it was greatly misrepresented by the teaser.”

“Raining In Manila” was released earlier this year and made history earning the most single-day streams for a Filipino song on Spotify Philippines’ chart last July. Lola Amour are currently embarking on their Raining In Manila tour which has taken them all over the Philippines.