Nearly four months after the song’s release, Lola Amour’s “Raining In Manila” is set to have its official music video released on October 25 at 9 PM.

Directed by Marius Talampas, the music video was teased in a surprise announcement by the group on their social media accounts, stating “Super long overdue Raining in Manila Official MV, finally out tomorrow, Oct 25 at 9pm on our YouTube Channel!”

The 30-second snippet sees the band in the middle of a flood as torrential rain pours down relentlessly. But despite their situation, the members are dressed in colorful ponchos and hats while clutching their umbrellas sitting by the water’s edge –– cheerfully singing along to the track as the flood roars on. Watch the full music video here.

Other scenes presented in the clip showcase other characters navigating the floodwaters, with some skillfully navigating the submerged streets in mini boats while others brave the current with their swimming skills. Interspersed between those cuts are other scenes of the members taking a break from the watery conditions, enjoying drinks and one another’s company to create a delightful juxtaposition between the watery chaos of the flood and the band’s camaraderie.

As it stands, “Raining In Manila” is one of the biggest OPM hits of the year, currently ranked at number five in Billboard’s Philippines Songs’ chart and it carries a whopping amount of more than 72 million streams on Spotify alone. It also ranks as number two on the Top OPM Songs chart of Spotify Philippines as of October 23, retaining its steady hold as a chart-topper throughout the entire country.

Listen to Lola Amour’s “Raining In Manila” in its entirety below: