“Raining in Manila” band Lola Amour join Billboard Philippines Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson on this week’s episode of Volumes.

The band, represented by lead singer Pio Dumayas, Raymond King, and Zoe Gonzales, sat down to talk about the flurry of events leading up to and after “Raining in Manila,” as well as some stories about finding the balance between working day jobs and being musicians.

Last week, SB19 made their first appearance on the show and opened up about what it means to bring P-Pop to the global industry. The show debuted with Filipino-Japanese artist Ena Mori talking about her creative process.

Drawing inspiration from the Zane Lowe Show and the Zach Sang Show, the podcast aims to break down the barrier between artist and listener, as it peels back the curtain on some of today’s most exciting artists.

“The host of volumes is a passionate music fan who would give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the world of music. They will ask thoughtful questions and create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere,” Podcast Producer Anton Molina adds.

Both host and special guest will be shot with a two-camera setup, with one focused on the entire set and the other on the artist.

“Volumes is a must-listen for music lovers of all genres,” invites Molina. “The podcast is sure to give you a new appreciation for your favorite artist and introduce you to some new ones along the way.”

The other flagship programs of Billboard Philippines’ media channels include Studios, which features reimagined versions of an artist’s biggest hits, and Soundwave, the media platform’s show that showcases the trending songs in today’s music industry.

Episodes of Soundwave are uploaded on TikTok every Monday. Episodes of Volumes are uploaded on Spotify every Wednesday, while episodes of Studios premiere on YouTube every second and last Friday of the month.

Listen to the newest episode of Volumes featuring Lola Amour below.