In just a few days, Sarah Geronimo will be awarded on stage at Billboard’s Women in Music Awards — making history as the first homegrown and full-blooded Filipina to be honored at this prestigious international ceremony. Billboard Philippines has chosen to nominate Geronimo as the Philippine representative to Billboard’s Global Women in Music event, serving as the figure that’s meant to propel Filipino music to a larger stage through this momentous occasion –– but who exactly is she, if you don’t know?

Recognized as “Popstar Royalty” here in the Philippines, Geronimo’s remarkable impact on the music scene originates from her immense contributions and achievements from more than twenty years of being in the music industry. Though her journey began upon winning the television singing contest, “Star for a Night”, all the way back in 2003, it marked the beginning of her journey as one of the most recognized Filipino pop stars on the scene. And throughout the twenty-one years that have passed since her rise on the scene. One key factor that has solidified her royal status over time would be her musical versatility – as Geronimo has successfully ventured into various music genres that showcase her exceptional vocal range and adaptability.

In her decades-long career, Geronimo has amassed a remarkable collection of awards, attesting to her unparalleled talent. She has received numerous accolades, including several Awit Awards and MYX Music Awards, which further solidify her impact on the local music scene. Her achievements go beyond national recognition, as she has also been honored internationally, having won a World Music Award, an MTV Europe Music Award, a Classic Rock Award, and an MNet Music Award ––  making her a prominent and respected figure with an influence not merely in the Philippines, but also on the global stage as well.

Geronimo’s consistency in delivering several chart-topping hits over time (whether it was the viral “Tala” or the sentimental “Kilometro”), as well as her ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt performances that resonate far beyond the traditional manner. Her universal impact has garnered her a massive fan base, named the “Popsters”, with many of them being devout in expressing their support. Even in the case of “Tala”, the track even made its debut on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart –– peaking at number twelve worldwide, according to sales data compiled by Nielsen Music.

To add to her illustrious career even further, Geronimo’s influence also extends far beyond the world of music, given that she has alsop made her mark as a multitalented performer who can act, sing, and serve as an effective influencer to the millions of fans of hers across the entire globe. Her celebrated status as a cultural icon isn’t merely built on her talent but also on her humility, professionalism, and dedication to her craft –– which has solidified her presence as a role model for aspiring artists.

Taking the role as one of the coaches on The Voice of the Philippines, Geronimo coached several prominent musicians who eventually carved their own path in the music industry –– including “Asia’s Phoenix” Morissette, as well as Star Music’s Jason Dy. The pop icon not only carried on as a judge and mentor for two seasons of the show but also appeared on the series’ spin-off shows The Voice Kids and The Voice Teens wherein she was able to lead a number of her proteges to victory as the top performing contestants on their respective seasons.

As a testament to her impact, Geronimo continues to receive prestigious awards, including the Global Force Award at Billboard’s Women in Music event, along with the coveted Box Office Queen title, and recognition from respected institutions in the entertainment industry. Her reign as the Popstar Royalty remains unchallenged ––  with no signs of waning as she continues to shape and redefine the landscape of Philippine music and entertainment. For sure, there’s a lot more that we can expect from Sarah Geronimo in the near future, as this latest award marks the beginning of something bigger and better for both her career and the recognition of the Filipino music scene on the global stage.

This year’s Billboard Women in Music Awards is set to be presented by Marriott Bonvoy, with tickets now sold out to the public. Fans of Sarah Geronimo and fellow awardees like Karol G, NewJeans, Charli XCX, Ice Spice, Kylie Minogue, and more can watch the show this March 7 (5 PM PT/8 PM ET) on