Quezon City-based rapper Sica has announced his latest album, titled GO SEE GOD.

The 20-something-year-old artist shared the news last week on his official social media platforms, posting the record’s cover art with a video teaser, and details of the record’s release date, which is expected to be available on all digital platforms from May 31, 2024 onwards. The record will feature the lead single, “25 (Still Alive)” which is also expected to be released on the same date.

GO SEE GOD follows after the release of his 2021 debut album Hue For Ya, alongside his recent singles “PERSIAN RAGZ“, and collaboration with Gat Putch and Dank Puffs, “Next Time“.

Sica 25 (Still Alive)

Courtesy of @prettyboypacion

Sica first made major waves on the independent hip-hop scene with his 2023 single, “Choosy“, which has accumulated over 25 million streams and counting. Recognized for his involvement with Greenhouse Records and Kartell’em, a 10-member collective of skaters, rappers, and artists, the young artist has continued his ascent on the local music scene with one single release or collaboration at a time. Following that, the rapper gained further recognition on the scene with the remix to his hit single “Amboy Shit” –– which featured rising hip-hop stars Hev Abi and HELLMERRY together on the same track

As we anticipate the release of GO SEE GOD and “25 (Still Alive)”, feel free to revisit Sica’s latest single “PERSIAN RAGZ” below: