Typecast are celebrating 20 years of The Infatuation Is Always There with a vinyl release this year.

In November 2023, the emo/alternative rock icons announced that they would be pressing their album The Infatuation Is Always There on vinyl for the first time, slated for a 2024 release. On May 17, the band officially confirmed via their social media that the vinyl would be available this coming August, 20 years since its official release in 2004.

It is set to be put out by Eikon Records Philippines who, most recently, also handled the local distribution of Greyhoundz’ 7 Corners of Your Game on vinyl. “We are grateful for the opportunity to put out the 20th Anniversary edition of this iconic album. This is going to be fun,” they stated in a Facebook post.

According to the band’s social media, pre-orders for the vinyl are set to open soon. Watch this space for updates.

The album was Typecast’s first album released on a record label, EMI Records Philippines, and their second one overall following Last Time in 2002. It features the tracks “Another Minute Until Ten”, “Last Time”, “The Infatuation Is Always There”, and more. It was produced by Sandwich members Raymund Marasigan and Diego Castillo.

Ahead of its release on vinyl, listen to Typecast’s The Infatuation Is Always There below: