Maki is reaching new heights with his latest single “Dilaw,” which has finally claimed the top spot on Billboard’s Philippine Songs chart.

“Dilaw” first entered the local chart at a debut position of No. 4, before making its way to No. 3 in its second week of chart tracking. The track, which has spent a total of three weeks in the Top 5, has beat the longstanding hold of BINI, who recently hit the No. 1 spot for a second time with “Salamin, Salamin” following the consistent reign of “Pantropiko” at the peak of the chart.

With “Salamin, Salamin” at No. 2 and “Pantropiko” at No. 3 this week, both tracks have spent a total of 10 and 14 weeks on the chart respectively. Their hit single “Karera” maintains its hold at the No. 8 spot, while their 2022 track “Lagi” makes it debut at the No. 10 position of this week’s chart positions.

Sabrina Carpenter‘s summer earworm “Espresso” maintains its solid No. 4 position for the second week in a row, yet this isn’t Carpenter’s only jukebox anthem on the Top 10. Her latest single “Please Please Please” makes its debut on this week’s chart at the notable position of No. 7, which further showcases the immense reach of her music to Filipino listeners.

However, the greatest gainer for this week’s chart positions is Billie Eilish with her viral love song “BIRDS OF A FEATHER,” from her third studio album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT. In comparison to its position at No. 12 last week, the track has risen to a peak position of No. 5 — solidifying its consistent growth and appeal, despite not being an official single from the record. While TJ Monterde’s “Palagi” and Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Baby” are still in this week’s Top 10, both tracks have been knocked down a few positions from their peak rankings of No. 5 and No. 4 over the past few weeks.

Since its release last May 24, “Dilaw” has already accumulated over 26 million streams and counting. On Spotify’s global charts, the track has climbed up to a new peak position of No. 138 with 1.276 million streams, which rises 62 spots from its debut position of No. 200 last June 11.

Currently, “Dilaw” has held the No. 1 spot on the Spotify Top 50 – Philippines chart for eleven days straight, with 1.189 million streams counted as of June 17. The platform’s Top Songs – Philippines chart, which tracks chart performance on a weekly basis, also noted the track’s position of No. 1 with 8.010 million streams counted — marking the biggest weekly streams for any song in 2024 so far. Even on other streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Maki’s hit single has also found success, ranking at No. 4 on the service’s Top 100 – Philippines chart.

“Dilaw” is the third viral hit song for the young artist, following his previous breakthrough tracks “Kailan?” and “Saan?,” with the latter peaking at No. 6. on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50 chart. With the song achieving the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Philippines Songs chart, Maki joins the likes of BINIHev AbiO SIDE MAFIA, Zack Tabudlo, AdieSunkissed Lola, Juan Karlos, Toneejay, and Dilaw as the only Filipino artists to ever reach the top of the said chart.

With such an impressive achievement, Maki has already accomplished a fruitful first half of 2024, having released “Sikulo” — a collaboration with Angela Ken and Nhiko Sabiniano — alongside another single titled “HBD.”

As we celebrate Maki’s chart-topping success, give a listen to “Dilaw” below: