In this week’s episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes, rising pop singer-songwriter Maki went behind-the-scenes of why his stage name is “Maki,” his journey as an artist, and his go-to pre-show rituals.

In the past, he spoke about how he didn’t really find the need to have a ritual since the gigs were “slow” and more on the intimate side. However, as the stages got bigger and the performances started becoming back-to-back, he realized that he need to take care of his health in order to keep up with the demands of the job — one of which is doing aerobics.

“One weird [thing] na ginagawa ko [is] aerobics o sumasayaw or nagexercise before coming on stage,” he explains with a laugh. “Wait! Explain ko sarili ko, baka iisipin nila na ‘anong kinalaman yan sa boses?!'”

[One weird thing that I do is aerobics, or dancing or exercising before coming on stage…Wait! Let me explain myself, maybe people will think ‘what does that have to do with your voice?!’]

He goes on to say that he believes that there’s a correlation between exercise and warming up your vocals. “Kapag niwawarm up ko yung body ko, nagwawarm up din yung boses ko. There are some artists na minsan, nagjojogging sila before singing. Mahirap mag perform kung parang inaantok yung boses mo.”

[When I warm up my body, my voice warms up too. There are some artists that sometimes, they jog before they sing. It’s hard to perform if your voice feels or sounds kind of sleepy.]

Check out what else Maki does to prepare for his shows by listening to his episode on Billboard Philippines Volumes, out now on Spotify and Facebook.