Maki has achieved new career heights with the release of his latest single “Dilaw” — which has now made waves worldwide.

The newly released track debuted on the global Spotify chart of Daily Top Songs Global at the position of No. 200, with 1.162 million streams counted. “Dilaw” is only the third Filipino song to reach the chart, following Juan Karlos’ “Ere” and “Babaero” by gins&melodies and Hev Abi.

Since its release last May 24, Maki’s “Dilaw” has already accumulated over fifteen million streams and counting in such a short span of time. It currently holds the spot of the No. 1 most-streamed song in the Philippines with over one million streams, holding its peak position for a period of four days, and has entered Billboard’s Philippines Songs chart with a debut position of No. 4 on the chart. Its success makes “Dilaw” the third viral hit song for the young artist, following his previous breakthrough tracks “Kailan?” and “Saan?” — with the latter appearing on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50 chart, peaking at No. 6.

Maki Dilaw

Courtesy of Tarsier Records and ABS-CBN

Maki has had a busy year so far, having also released a collaboration track “Sikulo” with Angela Ken and Nik Makino, alongside the single “HBD.” Aside from finding success in musical streaming platforms, the music video for “Dilaw” — which co-stars BINI’s Maloi as they play a young couple navigating youth and high school — has found mass acclaim with its release. In the two weeks since it dropped, the video has already achieved over 3.4 million views, while the video of his live performance at The Cozy Cove has earned close to 700,000 views.

With the “Dilaw” hitmaker’s meteoric rise and achievements, Maki is on the brink of breaking new ground for Filipino music as he comes close to clinching the coveted No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Philippines Songs Chart. If ever Maki is able to achieve such a feat, he would join the likes of BINI, Hev Abi, O SIDE MAFIA, Zack Tabudlo, AdieSunkissed Lola, Juan Karlos, Toneejay, and Dilaw as the only artists from the Philippines to ever reach the top of the Philippines’ charts.

As his fans, his “Sushi’s”, continue to rally behind him, each stream, download, and vote becomes a crucial step toward realizing this. With the challenge clear, the goal is set — and with Maki’s unstoppable ascent, making it to the top of the Billboard Philippines charts could easily become a reality very soon.

To celebrate Maki’s impressive achievement, lend your ears to his hit single “Dilaw” below: