You heard the music, now listen to the stories. Rounding out the content options to enjoy under the Billboard Philippines Media Channels is Volumes – a podcast featuring fun, thematic discussions as covered by single-topic episodes.

“Volumes is a new podcast that aims to create a great listening experience for music lovers. The podcast will feature in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in music, as well as lesser-known artists who are making waves in the industry. It’s a place for artists to literally and figuratively turn up the volume on their story,” podcast producer Anton Molina introduces.

The podcast will discuss the featured artist’s creative process, influences, and personal stories, but of course, all related to music. An episode will be released weekly every Wednesday.

Drawing inspiration from the Zane Lowe Show and the Zach Sang Show, the podcast aims to break down the barrier between artist and listener, as it peels back the curtain on some of today’s most exciting artists.

“The host of volumes is a passionate music fan who would give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the world of music. They will ask thoughtful questions and create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere,” Molina adds.

Both host and special guest will be shot with a two-camera setup, with one focused on the entire set and the other on the artist.

“Volumes is a must-listen for music lovers of all genres,” invites Molina. “The podcast is sure to give you a new appreciation for your favorite artist and introduce you to some new ones along the way.”