From the producers who brought you some of the biggest concerts and most star-studded productions in the Philippines comes a new platform. Meet the Billboard Philippines Media Channels group, a collection of multimedia content designed to connect Filipino music artists with a glocal (“global-local”) audience.

“Billboard Philippines aims to help elevate local acts through various platforms. Aside from articles and features in the magazine, we also wanted to give these artists a platform to be heard. Many Filipino musicians are now gaining global recognition, and we want to create a space where you can discover and rediscover both established and up-and-coming artists. The Media Channels is that platform,” executive producer Paolo Valenciano presents.

The Media Channels group empowers fans to freely watch, listen, and learn more about music artists by accessing fresh content in a familiar format. At launch, this range of new experiences includes the flagship Studios, Soundwave, and Volumes.

Billboard Philippines Studios is a live performance series that lets fans get closer to their favorite music icons. Here, artists perform three of their hit songs, namely originals or renditions attached to their names. New performances will be released on the second and last Thursday of the month.

“These live performances delve deeper into the artist’s style and music, creating a more intimate connection. The contemporary approach to the look, thoughtfully curated with the integration of recording studios’ sound diffusers, immerses the audience to an atmosphere home to recording artists,” associate producer Matthew Ong explains.

Soundwave is a one-song feature where artists bring their most notable hit to life, while Volumes is a podcast that sits your favorite acts down for a discussion on all things music and beyond. These allow fans to gain insight into the lives, personalities, and creative processes of their favorite musicians, fostering a more intimate connection beyond the music.

“Through these platforms, Billboard is bridging the gap between fans and chart-topping Filipino musicians, creating a more immersive and personal musical experience that captures both the essence of studio recording intimacy and the energy of live performances,” Ong concludes.