Following the launch of Billboard Philippines‘ highly-anticipated charts, fans and listeners are tuned in to see who will be this week’s next set of chart-toppers. Last week saw the dominance of P-pop heavy hitters like Maki and BINI at the summit of both the Hot 100 and Top Philippines Songs charts, while Filipino hip-hop also dominated the latter — with several placements awarded to Hev Abi.

However, with the abundance of last weekend’s major releases, there’s a great chance that the hierarchy is about to change.

SB19‘s FELIP just dropped his long-awaited debut album, 7sins, last Friday, impressing his devout listeners with its diverse and genre-fluid set of tracks. The record’s eye-catching album art, unique concept, and impressive marketing rollout across both Japan and the Philippines have exemplified a full-throttle approach to promoting FELIP and his artistry to a mass audience.

The record’s standout tracks, “envy” and “ache,” have already managed to pick up some steam in just a few days, which goes to show just how impressive of a hold FELIP has managed to achieve in such a short amount of time. Adding to the momentum of the album and its rising star is FELIP’s forthcoming set of concerts in celebration of the record’s release — with one show in Manila this July and another scheduled in Japan later on in September.

Despite the strong international push on 7sins, the rising hip-hop star isn’t overlooking his local roots with this record, particularly with his unabashed nature in expressing his artistry in the Bisaya language. Adding to that are his collaborations with the Davao-hailing trio PLAYERTWO on the track “gluttony,” whose member Luke April helped co-produce and co-write most of the album. That isn’t to say that the record doesn’t have that international touch, as Belgian rapper Cyra Gwynth is also on the album, co-producing and co-writing the tracks “greed” and “lust” — the latter of which she makes a guest feature on.

With all these factors coming into play, there’s no doubt that there is a strong possibility for the record and its singles to make their way into this week or the next’s Hot 100 and Top Philippine Songs charts. If given the chance, FELIP could dethrone Hev Abi’s reign as the leading hip-hop figure on the Philippine chart.


Yet FELIP isn’t the only Filipino artist who dropped a high-profile release over the weekend. Beloved musician-actress Belle Mariano also released her latest extended play BELIEVE, delighting her fans with an upbeat collection of inspiring synth-pop tracks — including lead single “Biglaan” — that resonate with her fanbase.

Since her debut on the music scene, Mariano has been quick to showcase how impressive her singing talents are as exemplified by her previous releases DaylightSomber, and And Solemn. Though she has become recognized for her prolific filmography over the years, the singer-actress has also found acclaim with her string of hit singles that include “Bugambilya,” “Sigurado,” alongside a special collaboration with Ben&Ben for their track “Autumn.”

Her ability to reach into the hearts of her listeners leaves an endearing (and lasting) impression on all, whether it’s for her loyal fans or casual listeners who are more attuned to her work as an award-winning actress. She easily won the Listener’s Choice award at Billboard Philippines’ inaugural Women In Music event, so what’s to stop her from making her way to the Hot 100 or Top Philippine Songs charts?


Although international heavy hitters like Lana Del Rey and Beabadoobee also released new (and excellent) tracks over the weekend, there’s still a possibility that last week’s set of chart-toppers could hold the line at the peak of the Billboard Philippines charts.

Maki‘s “Dilaw” still reigns supreme as the most-streamed song in the country across various platforms, while BINI‘s “Pantropiko” just hit over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. The longstanding dominance of the two artists from ABS-CBN Music’s in-house labels demonstrates a consistent hold on Filipino listeners across the country, which is a trend that may not be going any time soon. Although with Hev Abi‘s steady hold on both streams and sales over the past few months, there could be still enough room for him to make his way to the top of the charts.

To be the first to know which artist will emerge victorious at the top of the charts, make sure to stay updated with this week’s chart rankings, to be updated this Wednesday here.