Billboard Philippines, the leading music authority, is proud to announce the arrival of two charts in the country – the Hot 100 and Top Philippine Songs. 

The global counterpart of the renowned and coveted Hot 100 charts will have its Philippine iteration: the Billboard Philippines Hot 100, which will rank the biggest singles and tracks in the country, encompassing both Filipino and global songs. 

Every week, the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 chart ranks the top songs based on streaming and sales from leading musical services in the Philippine territory, as compiled by Luminate.

Chart ranking will be based on a weighted formula incorporating official-only streams on both subscription and ad-supported tiers of available audio and video music services, as well as download sales –– which are reflected from purchases made directly from full-service digital music retailers. This chart aims to offer a comprehensive and in-depth look at the listening patterns and evolving taste profiles of audiences all over the country.

The data provided is compiled from statistics gathered by the entertainment industry’s leading preeminent data and insights company, Luminate.

The Billboard Philippines Hot 100 come as one of the official music charts of Billboard Philippines, alongside the Top Philippine Songs chart. Both charts will be available starting July 3, 2024, with new rankings and updates to occur weekly every Wednesday.