SB19 have officially made their first appearance on The First Take.

The First Take is a YouTube channel from Japan that features artists in a studio setting, performing with one rule: they only get one take for each performance. The music show features both established names and up-and-coming artists from Japan, such as LiSA, YOASOBI, Atarashii Gakko!, Creepy Nuts and more. From time to time, they’ve also featured overseas acts, including the likes of Stray Kids, Avril Lavigne, Harry Styles, (G)-IDLE, and more.

On July 1, P-pop kings SB19 made their appearance on the online show, becoming the first Filipino act to do so. They performed a special rendition of “GENTO” — the lead track from their hit EP PAGTATAG!, released in 2023. “Enjoy the song, which expresses the message that ‘it is the accumulation of small efforts that leads to success,’ in a special one-shot version exclusively for THE FIRST TAKE,” stated The First Take on their social media upon officially announcing the episode.

The episode is the show’s 449th overall, preceded by singer-songwriter noa performing her viral track “Any angle”. “So this is how it looks like here,” stated member Josh at the start of the episode, with leader Pablo adding, “You know, I’m so excited and I’m so nervous at the same time,” before the members introduced themselves one-by-one. The episode was first announced on June 30 via a short video teaser.

On July 15, the quintet made their return to The First Take for a second episode – the show’s 455th overall. They performed their fan-favorite track “MAPA,” a song co-produced by Pablo and South Border’s Jay Durias. “As the title of the song combines the words “MAMA” and “PAPA,” the song expresses love and gratitude to all parents, and will be performed in a special version for THE FIRST TAKE,” the show stated on the episode’s official announcement. It was first teased last 14 via another short video teaser, showcasing the members shaking off the nerves once again prior to heading into their performance.

In other news, SB19 are currently nominated for Favorite Asian Act at the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2024. Find out how to vote for them here. Meanwhile, the group are also set to premiere a documentary film covering their PAGTATAG! world tour this August.

Watch SB19 perform “MAPA” on The First Take below: