The seventh edition of Coke Studio Philippines has arrived.

Coke Studio Philippines is an online performance show that brings together Filipino artists from different genres to create an unexpected collaboration. In the past, the show has seen collaborations between acts like BINI, KZ Tandingan and The Juans‘ rendition of Queen’s “It’s A Kind Of Magic,” Inigo Pascual and Alamat for “Tibay ‘Yan” (It’s Strong), and Al James and Lola Amour for “Sundan Mo Ko” (Follow Me), just to name a few.

The season will open with a collaboration between hip-hop act PLAYERTWO and P-Pop girl group BINI as they perform a reimagined rendition of Inigo Pascual and Ron Henley’s “Bata, Kaya Mo” (You Can Do It, Kid) from season 3 of Coke Studio Philippines.

The acts accompanying the two groups in the season are Dilaw from Baguio, dwta from Bicol, P-pop group Alamat from Zambales, Albay, Kalinga, and Pampanga, and Janine Berdin from Cebu. PLAYERTWO and members from BINI are from Davao and various parts of Luzon and Visayas respectively. More details about the other pairings as well as their release dates have yet to be announced.

Coke Studio Philippines Season 7 is centered around “Borderless Collisions,” where acts from different regions around the Philippines will be paired to create one song together. In the past, the performance show has used the theme of “Homecoming” to symbolize each artist’s interpretation of what “coming home” feels like to them. Season 6 of the program was titled “Fan Fusion,” where each song was co-created by the artists and their fans through remixes, various content, and the like.

Episodes of Coke Studio Philippines will be premiered on their YouTube channel.