A new era of P-pop has taken over the Philippines since the 2010s. In and out of the pandemic years, the genre has only kept growing, demanding the world to pay notice.

The local entertainment industry saw P-pop’s potential early on. It nurtured talents whom the public could fall in love with for their music and personalities alike, launching a wave of Pinoy pop acts who would go on to break international records. Populating this renaissance in the genre are groups who are marketed for their relatability with international audiences.

The world has since responded with nothing but love and rightfully so, P-pop acts have found the same, if not greater, support from the country they call home. Not sure how to get into the genre? Billboard Philippines has curated the following tracks by P-pop artists to start your playlist.

Alamat, “Maharani”

Filipino producer Thryo Alfaro pieced together this viral bop that marries neo soul, R&B, and trap against the backdrop of traditional southern Philippine and maritime Southeast Asian music. The use of instruments like kanun, gamelan, gangsa, and byeon lend authenticity to this story Alamat tells of present-day romance meets ancient Filipino royalty.

Belle Mariano, “Sigurado”

Belle Mariano‘s first single is a pop ballad that tackles taking things slow when one falls in love. Composed by Trisha Denise, produced by Rox Santos, and arranged by Tommy Katigbak, the song’s mellow melody lifts the lyrics of finding self-assurance amid apprehensions about a romantic interest.

BINI, “Born To Win”

BINI radiates feminine energy in their debut single about decisively working toward success. Through this bouncy electro-pop number with solid melodic hooks and diverse vocal colors, the group is able to establish an explosive start to their career.

Daydream, “Stay Stuck”

Daydream relaunched as a self-produced group with this infectious pop track that highlights the trio’s creative range. A heavy bassline blends with powerhouse vocals to culminate in a climactic rap bridge. And what better way to take control of your sound than writing an original piece about breaking free from toxic relationships?

HORI7ON, “Dash”

This pre-debut single was an early showcase of HORI7ON‘s ability to stand on the global stage ahead of its South Korean debut. The song draws inspiration from K-pop, hip-hop, and EDM to demonstrate the global group’s potential range. Since their official roles were yet to be determined at the time, each of the members showed promise as all-rounders who could sing and rap while performing an intricate choreography that climaxes into a full-blown dance break.

Maymay Entrata, “Amakabogera”

With a beat as bold as its lyrics, this dance-pop anthem demands the room’s attention. It’s Maymay Entrata at her best, as evidenced by her vocal range, dynamic sound, and undeniable artistry. Society’s beauty standards are overrated, but “Amakabogera” surely isn’t.

MNL48, “Palusot Ko’y Maybe”

If the song faintly reminds you of some catchy arcade dance game, that’s because it’s the Filipino version of Japanese idol group AKB48’s “Iiwake Maybe.” It’s essentially J-pop taking a local twist thanks to P-pop idol flagbearers MNL48, who can do both their country and international sister group proud.

Mona, “Tagahanga”

Ohwon Lee produced this high-energy song with prominent bass and guitar parts. The dance-pop approach succeeds in hyping the lyrics about a passionate fan addressing their idol, which Mona penned drawing from her own feelings and experiences.

SB19, “Ilaw”

The members aren’t afraid to show authenticity, vulnerability, and emotion with this raw rendition composed by Pablo. We hear out SB19‘s message of a light that ironically blinds, and it’s their piercing vocals that get A’TIN listening.

Zack Tabudlo, “Habang Buhay”

It doesn’t get more old school than a feel-good, retro-pop track with hat tips to the likes of VST & Company. Written and produced by Zack Tabudlo, the lyrics perfectly encapsulate the type of high you can only get from a relationship’s honeymoon stage. Life is short and love is fleeting, but at least a song this romantic can be played over and over.