Baguio-based band Dilaw has become a household name with their chart-topping hit, “Uhaw“. Since then, they’ve toured all over the country and performed in front of thousands during their shows. They recently launched their latest single, “Orasa” and celebrated with an exclusive stripped-down performance held at the Teatrino Promenade in Greenbelt.

During the event’s press conference, Dilaw shared to Billboard Philippines four acts from their hometown that they think more people should listen to.


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If there were a number one band that all members of Dilaw wanted to recommend, it would have to be Amateurish.

“They were a band that we were always side by side with in Baguio. They’re a band that’s [full of] friends, family friends…they’re also just insane musicians. So if you’re a fan of math rock, give them a listen,” shares guitarist Leon Altomonte.

Amateurish were recently signed to the Ely Buendia and Pat Sarabia-led record label, Offshore Music. Listen to more of their music here.


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BOX84 is a hip-hop and R&B collective from Baguio City. For those who don’t know, Dilaw were an alternative hip-hop duo between Dilaw Obero and Vie Dela Rosa. It was only recently that they transitioned into a six-piece indie rock outfit. The collective is known for their stunning visuals of Baguio as well as mellow and catchy beats.

“If you like hip-hop, they’re a really great and talented collective from Baguio,” Altomonte continues. “There’s a nice, rich hip-hop culture in Baguio.”

Listen to BOX84’s music here.

Cup of Joe

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Pop band Cup of Joe rose to the mainstream around the same time as Dilaw, who they consider as their close friends. They were recently nominated for three of the People’s Voice Categories of the 2023 Awit Awards, namely Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Favorite Song, and Favorite Group Artist. They recently released a collaboration with Janine Teñoso titled “Tingin” (Look), which has garnered over 2 million views on YouTube since its release.

“They’re our friends. We love those guys,” Altomonte says.

David la Sol

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Chickle De La Rosa

When asked who else they wanted to recommend, the band gushed over Ilonggo singer-songwriter David la Sol. David la Sol, who is based in Baguio, is currently an Awit Award finalist for his song, “Julyo.”

“[He] was one of the first people we played for,” The band explains as they talk over each other. Listen to his music here.

“There are a lot of great Baguio artists,” Altomonte says to close. “We can’t remember them all right now, so it’s everyone we said and then some.”