Alamat has dropped over half of the teasers lined up in anticipation of their first full-length album release IsaPuso, including lyric spoilers, cover art, and track titles within the past week alone.

IsaPuso is set for a November 3 release. Over the weekend, Alamat posted concept photos of members Taneo, R-Ji, Alas, Mo. The group also released additional concept photos of Jao and Tomás today (October 23).

According to Alamat’s IsaPuso schedule, the remaining content lined up ahead of the album’s release is a group concept photo on October 24, audio teasers between October 25 and 30, a title track music video teaser on October 31, and an album sampler with song credits on November 2. Finally, the whole album drop and the title track’s music video premiere are scheduled for November 3.

Meanwhile, Magiliw (the group’s loyal fanbase) and new listeners alike can pre-save the upcoming album ahead of its November 3 release date on different platforms here.

Alamat first announced on October 9 the pending release of IsaPuso to precede their first solo concert on December 1.

The LP’s eight-song tracklist, whose official order remains unknown, alphabetically consists of “Dagundong” (Rumble), “Day And Night,” “Dayang” (Princess), “Dong-Dong-Ay,” “Manila Dreams,” “Multo” (Ghost), “Noli,” and “Walang Hanggan” (No End).

The digital release also contains their previously released 2023 singles, “Day And Night” and “Walang Hanggan.” Save for these two tracks, the LP’s remaining content has had lyric spoilers revealed.

IsaPuso is set to follow the group’s 2022 EP, Pasulong.