P-pop is currently dominating the Billboard Philippines Hot 100.

On July 3, Billboard Philippines officially presented its first two music charts, one of which is the highly anticipated Hot 100. Notably, in its first week — the week of July 6 — Pinoy pop or P-pop is shown to be dominating the Hot 100.

P-pop’s chart supremacy can be seen particularly with singer-songwriter Maki topping the chart with his viral single “Dilaw,” while his other breakout single “Saan?” is at No. 16. Alongside him, popular girl group BINI is also occupying multiple positions on the chart, with “Salamin, Salamin” at No. 2, “Pantropiko” at No. 4, “Karera” at No. 7, “Lagi” at No. 9, “Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi” at No. 16, “Na Na Na” at No. 17, and “I Feel Good” at No. 66. In addition to these, Alamat also holds a position on the chart, being the only P-pop boy group to do so with their track “Maharani” being at No. 80.

Surprisingly, in contrast, this week’s Hot 100 features only five K-pop entries, namely, Illit’s “Magnetic” at No. 46, Jung Kook’s “Seven” featuring Latto at No. 47 and “Standing Next To You” at No. 86, “ABCD” by Twice’s Nayeon at No. 73, and Aespa’s “Armageddon” at No. 85.

With the Philippines being known as one of the largest consumer markets for K-pop over the years, this news significantly showcases P-pop’s present day reach, appeal, and dominance over Filipino listeners.

In an interview with Billboard Philippines, Pablo — the leader of P-pop icons SB19 and CEO of 1Z Entertainment — commented on the comparisons between P-pop and K-pop, saying, “Pagdating sa music, wala na tayong magagawa. (When it comes to the music, there’s nothing we can do.) I feel like music is universal — kahit anumang music, pag na-brand mo na ganyan, ganyan siya (whatever kind of music is branded that way, it comes out that way). Ang nangyari kasi (What happened was), K-pop is very well known all over the world; it’s kind of inevitable na ma-compare doon (that P-pop gets compared to it). It’s a product na alam na alam na ng mga tao (that everybody is familiar with).”

Adding to this, he provided insight on what can be done to further elevate the position of P-pop in our country, highlighting the importance of creating programs to support and promote the genre further, much like what is being done with K-pop in South Korea. “…Ang pinakamaganda [sa K-pop], at na dapat mangyari sa industry natin, dapat magkaroon ng support system. (But what’s good about K-pop, and should happen with our industry, is that it has a support system.),” he noted. “Right now, P-pop is doing its wave, but we’re doing that wave on our own. There are no programs promoting P-pop, there are no variety shows… if you compare it with Korea, they have variety shows where they’ll invite K-pop artists.” 

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