When it comes to the Philippines, there is no questioning our cultural diversity, with more than 100 native languages spoken across our 7000-plus islands. Of course, alongside this diversity comes an array of talents from every single Filipino – something that Alamat wholeheartedly and proudly represent.

The rising P-pop group is uniquely known for their unwavering commitment to being the prime champions of Filipino diversity, inclusivity, and pride within our local music scene. Hailing from different parts of the Philippines, they artistically utilize their multilingual and multiethnic backgrounds into every aspect of the group, from the languages and themes in their lyrics to intricate steps in their choreography, all the way down to particular elements in their clothing during performances.

Alamat First Album IsaPuso

Courtesy of @alamat_official

United by a common dream, Alamat — composed of Taneo, Mo, Jao, Tomas, R-Ji, and Alas — continue to proudly wave the banner of what it truly means to be Filipino, for the rest of the Philippines and the world to witness.

Galing DITO 2024: Filipino Talent At Its Finest

Now, more than ever, as they team up with DITO Telecommunity for the Galing DITO 2024 campaign, Alamat’s mission is set to be taken even further. 

With a first iteration in 2022, DITO Telecommunity’s award-winning Gáling DITO campaign returns this year, launched last February 12, with the release of “Ang Galing DITO” and its accompanying music video — a collaboration track from DITO and Alamat specifically made for the campaign.

alamat dayang

Courtesy of @Official_ALAMAT

The campaign aims to achieve the goal of “further elevating and recognizing Filipino excellence by bringing together emerging talents from diverse cultural backgrounds.” The 2024 campaign features even more talents from across the Philippines with a “diverse mix of passions and artistic craftsmanship” who are given a well-deserved platform to showcase their individual and collective “Gáling.”

“It’s a big honor and it’s very amazing kasi [because] we’re both aligned in what we do, which is promoting Filipino talent and culture,” Jao told Billboard Philippines on their partnership, noting how the campaign immediately resonated with Alamat from the get-go. 

From Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

Alamat are one out of 20 talents selected by DITO to represent the diversity of Filipino excellence across various fields, alongside the likes of Grace Palicas, a tattoo artist from Kalinga; Nhoda Muñoz, a miniatures artist from Pampanga; Joneil Severino, a leaf artist from Samar; and more. 

As the members of Alamat lead the charge of Galing DITO 2024, the P-pop hitmakers aim to fulfill their common goals of showcasing the diversity of Filipino excellence, promoting inclusivity of skills and crafts from all over the Philippines, and elevating Filipino pride by coming together as one with the other unique talents chosen by DITO.

Courtesy of DITO Telecommunity

“With the campaign, shino-showcase talaga kung ano ‘yung talent ng Filipino na galing sa iba’t ibang part ng Philippines [it really showcases the talent of the Filipinos coming from different parts of the Philippines],” said Jao, commenting on the still-existing need to have the unique talents of Filipinos across the archipelago become more well-known. “With DITO, nagbigay [sila] ng platform para mapakita talaga ‘yung talento ng Pinoy [With DITO, they gave a platform so that the talents of the Filipino can really be shown].”

Mo further emphasized the importance of this campaign, pointing towards the message of the anthemic “Ang Galing DITO” — specifically, its music video where Alamat and the other talents individually get to showcase their passion and craft. 

“’Yun talaga ‘yung Galing DITO 2024 [That’s really what Galing DITO 2024 is],” stated Tomas with a proud smile, noting its clever double meaning based on the pronunciation. “’Yung ‘galing dito’ na ‘kung taga-saan’ at saka ‘yung ‘gáling dito’ sa ‘Pinas [The ‘galing dito’ that means ‘where one comes from’ as well as the ‘gáling dito’ that means ‘the talent you can find here in the Philippines].”

Coinciding with this campaign, DITO and Alamat have also collaborated on bringing the fan-favorite track “Dayang” to life via a music video, as well as the launch of their exclusive photocard merchandise bundled with DITO’s telecom promos at the #DITOTayoMagiliw Fan Meet last May 26. Jao noted how, even down to the merchandise, DITO was supportive of their mission, saying, “With DITO, na-amplify talaga ‘yung gusto naming gawin as Alamat [what we wanted to do as Alamat was really amplified], which is promoting Filipino culture, Filipino diversity, and our multilingualism — everything about being Filipino.”

“Being with DITO and working [on] something that aligns with our goals is really a big thing,” said Taneo, noting how their journey so far in collaborating with the telecom company has felt more like walking hand-in-hand with family rather than just simply coming together for work. 

What has come to be this integral familial feeling of support and camaraderie is present not only when it comes to the members of Alamat working with DITO — it also manifests when they’re working with each other on their music.

Courtesy of DITO Telecommunity

With diversity found even in their individual artistic sensibilities, the members make it work, with each of their ideas finding ways to align as one — all for the sake of their unified vision of championing Filipino culture. But how exactly do they do this?

With Alamat often being personally involved in multiple aspects of the creation of their music, ultimately, one mutual factor continues to unite them: respect. “Bukod sa pagrerespeto sa isa’t isa [Aside from respecting each other], we are a diverse group and we have big ideas that are so different from each other, [so] we also have to respect the culture,” said Jao, commenting on the challenging nature of their creative process due to the susceptibility of their vision and message to being subjected to cultural appropriation.

ALAMAT members

Alamat: photographed by Kirby Balagtas

In line with this, Mo emphasized the necessity of their preparation prior to making any of their music, citing the importance of doing research in order to fully give the richness of Filipino culture the respect it deserves. “Habang gumagawa ng music, ‘yung creativity mo, ‘yung creative juices mo lumalabas [When you’re making music, your creativity and creative juices come out],” he states. “Pero at the same time, iniisip din namin ‘yung kung papaano namin ‘to ma-e-execute nang maayos [But, at the same time, we also think about how we can execute all of it properly].”

Adding to this, for Alas, he recognizes how each of them coming from different places and backgrounds is part of their artistic and creative differences. However, with humility, they manage to make everything come together. “Hindi kami ma-pride. Ang ginagawa namin is maghahanap kami ng paraan kung saan kami magkakatugma in terms of [the] music. Tapos respeto din sa desisyon ng bawat isa. [We’re not prideful. What we do is we find a way wherein we can all match in terms of the music. At the same time, being respectful of each other’s decisions.]”

alamat dayang

Courtesy of @Official_ALAMAT.

Keep Dreaming, Keep Going

This rich diversity present in every facet of who Alamat are has naturally placed them in a position of becoming champions for inclusivity among Filipinos. With an emphasis on equality as well, Alamat are poised to achieve this goal together, aiming to become living proof of how one’s uniqueness — including one’s native language — shouldn’t be something to hide out of fear when pursuing one’s dreams. Instead, it should be something every Filipino proudly embraces. “By seeing Alamat and Galing DITO 2024, [I hope] that it motivates [Filipinos] to just go for it,” stated Taneo.

Of course, having these major aspirations doesn’t come without fear, doubt, or hesitation. These are feelings that Alamat themselves bravely faced, recounted through their own experiences of pursuing their own ambitions in their track “Manila Dreams” from their 2023 album IsaPuso.

alamat ang galing dito

Courtesy of DITO Telecommunity

When asked for advice for those who are still afraid of going after their dreams, Jao reminded everyone that everyone has a rocky start in reaching for them, even Alamat. Adding to this, R-Ji and Taneo both advise taking things slow and enjoying the process. “Cliché pakinggan pero lagi naming sinasabi [It’s cliché to hear but we always say], just be yourself, live life, and just take it one [day] at a time,” said R-Ji.

As for Mo and Alas, they both encourage everyone to just go after whatever is good for them and makes them happy, and ignore the naysayers. “‘Wag kayong matakot sumubok ng mga bago na hindi niyo pa naranasan before [Don’t be afraid to try new things you haven’t experienced before],” said Alas with conviction.

Bigyan mo ng chance ‘yung pangarap mo [Give your dreams a chance],” said Tomas. “Bigyan mo ng chance ‘yung sarili mo kasi wala namang masama kapag nag-try ka talaga [Give yourself a chance because there’s nothing wrong with really trying].“

alamat dayang dito

Courtesy of @Official_ALAMAT. Photographed by Kerbs Balagtas.

A Story For The Ages

Ultimately, this is the kind of legacy Alamat unanimously agree they want to leave behind — one that encourages and inspires others to pursue their dreams, alongside embracing and being proud of their uniqueness and excellence as Filipinos. Alas, in particular, stated that Alamat hope that they could leave a cultural impact to the point that even more of our country’s history and native languages are extensively taught in schools nationwide.

While they are still an up-and-coming group, Alamat’s mission and vision, further amplified with Galing DITO 2024, undeniably hold the potential of creating positive change that can last for generations of Filipinos to come. “Filipino culture is so rich and beautiful. Filipino talent is so amazing,” said Jao. “Whatever language you speak, whatever color of skin you might have, you’re beautiful in your own way. Tayong mga Filipino, magaganda tayo [We Filipinos, we’re beautiful]. Kaya [So], be proud of yourself.”

Listen to “Ang Galing DITO” by Alamat below: