With Filipino talent now beginning to make waves internationally, witnessing our homegrown musicians on the global stage doesn’t seem like a far-off reality. In this list, Billboard Philippines mentions our picks for the OPM musicians who we’re looking forward to seeing grace the steps of the iconic MET staircase, paired with the Filipino designers who could elevate these artists’ looks on a whole new level. 

The remarkable talent of these designers to craft ensembles encapsulates a larger-than-life allure –– making them ideal candidates to showcase prestigious and glamorous fashion on the MET Gala stage.

Nadine Lustre & Thian Rodriguez 

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre wearing Thian Rodriguez at BYS Fashion Week 2022 runway show. Photographed by Kieran Punay.

Nadine Lustre has become recognized in all sectors of the Philippine entertainment scene as one of the ‘it girls’ of the moment, bringing her talent, charisma, and versatility to every creative endeavor she puts out.

This applies as well to her looks, as nearly every red carpet and runway look the beloved singer/actress has worn — especially with her appearance as the closing act to Thian Rodriguez’s 2022 runway collection. Rodriguez has emerged as the harbinger of leather-clad rebellion, seamlessly intertwining punk aesthetics with couture craftsmanship. His designs exude an irreverent charm to each piece, with all of them challenging the traditional conventions of haute couture. 

To bear witness to Nadine’s hypothetical MET Gala appearance, perhaps clad in a mélange of punk-inspired ensembles, would surely rock the nation. Rodriguez’s attention to detail with intricate spiked harnesses, and studded utilitarian packs, juxtaposed against flowing tulle skirts and tartan capes perfectly exemplify a counterculture style that epitomizes Lustre as the designer’s ultimate muse — exuding sophistication with a hint of rebellious allure that transcends the ordinary, and embraces the extraordinary.

Rico Blanco & Kaye Morales

rico blanco

Rico Blanco wearing custom Kaye Morales. Photo courtesy of@ricoblanco100.

Rico Blanco is one of the Philippines’ greatest living rock stars, with some likening his bold, yet ultimately distinct fashion sense to that of international icons like Prince and David Bowie. Such aspects of his personal style pair astonishingly well with the designs of Kaye Morales, whose daring statement pieces never fail to turn heads and demand everyone’s attention in the room. 

As seen with Morales’ recent design for the Rivermaya alumnus’ concert attire, we’d argue that this symphony of rule-breakers can play around with graphic elements such as bold prints and metal studs that mirror Blanco’s journey as a musician. The designer’s ability to embody sophistication that goes beyond the box could take Blanco’s ​​mesmerizing fusion of flamboyance, sophistication, and unapologetic individuality to new and impressive heights.

On the carpet, the duo could craft a look that transcends conventional fashion norms –– perhaps resulting in a series of unapologetic colors and lavish fabrics that are accentuated by intricate embellishments and statement accessories. In our minds, it’s already an awe-inspiring look worth envisioning, so what more when it becomes a reality? 

Kiana V & Chynna Mamawal

Kiana V

Kiana V wearing custom Chynna Mamawal. Courtesy of @kianavee.

Classy, elegant, and feminine. This set of words perfectly embodies both Kiana V and Chynna Mamawal‘s style –– making them a dynamic duo for any red carpet or high fashion gala. As singer-songwriter Kiana V graces the spotlight, being clad in Mamawal’s meticulously crafted designs and use of intricate beadwork, sleek tailoring, and billowed silhouettes finds a harmonious resonance with the beloved singer’s refined aesthetic, elevating her innate elegance to new levels.

As seen from their collaborative effort for Kiana V’s dress to the Vogue Philippines gala, Mamawal’s creations serve as the canvas upon which Kiana V’s graceful allure is painted. Seeing the understated allure of black and white ensembles, adorned with billowed-out silhouettes, sleek tailoring, or the elegant twists of sensuality that mirror the singer’s grace and confidence could be an absolute standout on the MET Gala carpet. 

Together, the duo could become the epitome of timeless glamor –– leaving a graceful stride and melodic note to every step Valenciano takes up the iconic staircase.

Jason Dhakal & Bagasáo Studios

jason dhakal

Jason Dhakal wearing Bagasáo Studios top and pants. Photographed by Ralph Mendo.

Jason Dhakal has found a universal audience with credits to his soulful melodies and vulnerable lyricism, providing him with a platform to express himself in music and fashion unabashedly. Whether it’s the casual, perfectly fitted white tee paired with dashingly blue-hued bootcut jeans or the mixed-media of tweed and mesh materials for a more outlandish look, the R&B singer-songwriter’s stylish sensibilities are a masterclass of expression –– exuding a rawness and authenticity that mirror his emotions and discography.

Such vulnerability mirrors the ethos of Bagasáo Studios, which finds a kindred spirit in Dhakal’s rich discography from the spaces wherein fashion and music intersect. At the heart of Bagasáo’s aesthetic philosophy lies a subtle reverence for the emotional connection between people and their pieces, just as Dhakal delves into the depths of human emotion with his music. With every stitch and seam, Bagasáo intertwines the threads of emotion, sustainability, and craftsmanship, creating garments that not only adorn the body but also speak to the soul –– with each piece serving as a second skin for its wearer, echoing Dhakal’s pursuit of depth in his artistry. 

James Reid & Vin Orias

James Reid wearing custom Vin Orias photographed by Excel Panlaque.

Over the past few years, James Reid has leveled up his style game –– trading the standard suit and tie for more vivid and expressive, if not exuberant, pieces of clothing that are a welcome change from what several leading men in the industry are used to.

His recent collaboration with designer Vin Orias serves as a great example of this, utilizing sustainable, artisanal menswear to emphasize levels of sophistication that go along with the luxury of Filipino culture and heritage. And as emphasized by Reid’s striking attire to MEGA’s 32nd Anniversary, he isn’t afraid to embrace a more theatrical look that is as distinct as it could get.

Pairing Reid and Orias once more for fashion’s biggest night is an endeavor that could push their creative boundaries even further –– blending Orias’ bespoke tailoring process with fresh and refined styles that could elevate menswear as we know it right in front of a global audience.

BINI’s Mikha & Raf Galang

BINI Mikha

BINI Mikha wearing Raf Galang’s Reassembled Double Coat Dress No. 2. Photographed by @migotilyomanila.

BINI’s Mikha has rightfully made a name for herself as one of the group’s most stylish members, having adorned Raf Galang‘s designs on more than one occasion. 

Galang’s deconstructed fashion ethos finds a striking counterpart in Mikha, with his meticulously crafted designs offering the beloved P-pop star an opportunity to transcend the confines of trendy ensembles — ushering her into a realm of mature sophistication that resonates with global allure. Embracing Galang’s off-beat modern silhouettes and innovative fabrications that employ his principles of reassembly, reengineering, and repurposing could allow Mikha to embark on a stylistic journey that diverges from the group’s signature aesthetic, yet paradoxically, elevates it to new heights of glamor and sophistication.

Together on the MET steps, Galang and Mikha have the potential to weave a narrative of transformative elegance, where their ensemble becomes a canvas for self-expression and artistic evolution. Through Galang’s visionary and sustainable designs, Mikha could emerge as a beacon of refined allure, effortlessly commanding attention on the global stage in the same vein as Blackpink’s Jennie — with a metamorphosis that embodies the essence of contemporary elegance and charisma.

KZ Tandingan & Jan Garcia

KZ Tandingan

KZ wearing Jan Garcia. Photo from @kztandingan.

Throughout her musical career, KZ Tandingan has demonstrated a special flair that sets her apart from several of her contemporaries on the scene. Whether it’s her distinct, cut-throat hairstyles, or her unconventional approach to fashion, the vocalist’s impeccable sense of style has already caught the attention of the Filipino mass audience. So what more when she teams up with designer Jan Garcia once again?

The MEGA Fashion Awardee is no stranger to playing around with exaggerated shapes and ruffles of all sizes with Garcia’s help, so enlisting the designer to craft her MET Gala look could result in a maximalist ensemble that could turn heads and capture headlines. Garcia’s approach to utilizing oversized proportions that manage to accentuate his models’ forms is a feat not many could accomplish, especially with his ‘explosion’ and ‘blooming’ shapes, accentuated with Swarovski diamonds standing out from the usual high-end glamor. Ultimately, whatever the duo comes up with promises to be a look worth noticing — perhaps even ending up on several best-dressed lists if it comes to fruition.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid & Avel Bacudio

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid wearing custom Avel Bacudio for Billboard Philippines’ maiden cover. Photographed by Borgy Angeles.

Over four decades in the scene, the name Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has become synonymous with the epitome of Filipino talent and style throughout various eras of her illustrious career. Whether it’s that iconic Y2K album cover, or her imperial yellow butterfly gown with extreme long trail (paired with the wings!) as seen in one of her concerts, there are several moments wherein the pop legend has proven just how over-the-top her outfits can get. Yet as seen from Billboard Philippines’ iconic maiden issue cover, Velasquez-Alcasid can channel timeless elegance when adorned with Avel Bacudio’s stunning designs.

Bacudio utilizes structured finesse and an architectural allure to the details of his designs, epitomizing a form of elegance that lies infused with a contemporary edge. The use of his signature style, characterized by commanding padded shoulders and crisply tailored silhouettes, converges seamlessly with the ethereal grace of Billboard Philippines’ Powerhouse awardee.

Through meticulous craftsmanship and an innate understanding of silhouette, Bacudio crafts ensembles that echo Velasquez-Alcasid’s vocal prowess, striking a harmonious balance between strength and sophistication. Wherein fashion meets melody, Bacudio’s designs for the Songbird epitomize a timeless synergy, where each stitch resonates with the echoes of a bygone era while charting a path towards the future of elegance — making them the perfect pairing if Asia’s Songbird were to take her melodies to the MET Gala.

Maymay Entrata & Raissa Dimacali

Maymay Entrata

Maymay Entrata wearing Raissa Dimacali for Puede Ba music video. Courtesy of @raissadimacali.

Amakabogera’ hitmaker Maymay Entrata may be recognized for her impressive talents as a singer and as an actress, but one title she’s quickly becoming known for is that of a modern style chameleon. Whether it’s on the red carpet, abroad, or in her music videos, Maymay’s fashionable nature is clearly evident — as seen from the stunning look she pulled off in her music video of “PUEDE BA”. 

Donned in Raissa Dimacali‘s ethereal creation, Maymay was able to embody a symphony of blossoming ruffles and an unabashedly feminine silhouette, meticulously manipulated with matte organdy to exude a structural couture charm. Dimacali’s designs deliver fashion-forward collections that evoke individuality and confidence, wherein each design is thoughtfully curated to reflect a unique blend of creativity, versatility, and impeccable tailoring.

With an eye for detail and a flair for the dramatic, Dimacali’s style showcases a different side to Maymay. Through effortlessly marrying her sophisticated aura with a youthful exuberance that is never afraid to embrace the bold and daring in the name of fashion — which is the perfect combination for a fashionable night such as the MET Gala.

Zild & Antonina


Zild wearing reworked leather pieces and SS23 mesh work from Antonina. Courtesy of @ninaamoncio

Who believes that the color black should be merely limited to the standard fare of expression?

It’s a mindset that both Zild and Nina Amoncio (Antonina) share — given that the two continuously find ways in which black can be played around with, perhaps even invigorated into something astonishing and ultimately, unique. As highlighted by Amoncio’s late 2022 collection, there is so much room to experiment with the color and its shadows for “Anino” as she incorporates innovative techniques such as cowling, slashing, and Boro hand-stitching to add dimension and depth to her garments.

From what we’ve seen of Zild’s personal style, black is an avenue to express an edgy, grunge look that is akin to 90s icons like Nirvana, Alice and Chains, with some elements of KISS’ fashion incorporated into his looks. So together with Amoncio’s fondness for utilizing black, some mesh, and reworked leather pieces in one go — offering a complex and layered narrative, much like unraveling enigmatic codes that leave a lasting impression of depth and intrigue to those who bear witness to it.

Ena Mori & Ha.Mu

Ena Mori

Ena Mori wearing Ha.Mu. Photographed by JL Javier.

Both in music and in fashion, it’s safe to say that nobody else is doing it like Ena Mori. The Filipino-Japanese indie pop visionary is no stranger to thinking outside the box, so it’s easily a given to pair her up with designers who align that same perspective and vision when it comes to artistry.

Both rebellious and creative, Ha.Mu has become a favorite among several local talents — easily establishing themselves as some of the most promising designers on the scene. Their bold and intricate pieces never fail to make a statement and encapsulate a free-spirited nature that is as expressive as it is stylish. 

The playful use of textiles, variety of textures, and non-conformist designs of their pieces perfectly pair with Mori’s ingenious approach to crafting her songs, and could surely result in a maximalist outfit that stays true to both their creative spirits. It’s a dynamic duo worth looking forward to — perhaps when the time comes for Mori to have her impending breakthrough on the international circuit.

Maris Racal & Joseph Palma

Maris Racal

Maris Racal wearing Joseph Palma. Photographed by Niko Gonzales.

Maris Racal is undeniably a star in her own right, so why not pair her with one of the fashion industry’s best-emerging designers?

Joseph Palma‘s vibrant and form-fitting designs celebrate the glamorous and chic aspects that emphasize less is more, adding an unparalleled elegance that transcends the usual trends. With each stitch, Palma crafts articles of sophistication and haute couture craftsmanship, elevating fashion into an art form. As exemplified by how his creations exude a timeless allure of complexity and inspiration, every detail and saturated colorway speaks volumes of his meticulous attention to design.

From the luminous presence of Racal, Palma’s designs find their muse —  harmonizing with her radiant beauty effortlessly due to his 50-50 collaborative approach in crafting looks for his clients. Whether adorned in striking hues of red or sleek silhouettes that accentuate her curves, Racal embodies the epitome of class and allure. Palma’s style of utilizing form-fitting elegance complements Racal’s graceful demeanor, while his intricate designs add a touch of haute couture drama to her enchanting presence. Whether it’s on the steps of the MET or in Racal’s next press junket, their collaborative efforts serve as a promising outlook on just how timeless a classy look can be.

Belle Mariano & AJ Javier

Belle Mariano

Belle Mariano wearing custom AJ Javier gown for Billboard Philippines Women In Music 2024 blue carpet. Photographed by Paul Vincent Paredes II.

For multi-hyphenate Belle Mariano, her style stands out as the belle of the ball — no matter what the occasion is. Her looks have always been dignified, balancing her adorable aesthetic with a touch of glamor that perfectly represents her status as this generation’s leading lady. So upon seeing the gorgeous crimson red gown she adorned during Billboard Philippinesfirst-ever Women In Music Awards, you’d easily think that it could stand out as one of her best looks yet.

Designed by AJ Javier, it perfectly embodies Mariano’s signature femininity, channeling a soft glam look with embellished heart-shaped adornments that match up with the Philippines’ very own sweetheart. The Iloilo auteur’s other designs embody a maximalist style that displays whimsicality and elegance with avant-garde undertones for his clients, draping them with a series of crystals, sequins, and the like to craft eye-catching pieces that exude radiance with every hue — while remaining true to its wearers. Together, the pair is poised to make a splash debut on the MET Gala carpet, their collaboration promising a mesmerizing fusion of avant-garde elegance and youthful exuberance, igniting the night with their most enchanting and audacious creations to date should it become a reality.

Jolina Magdangal & Maison Soriano

Jolina Magdangal

Jolina Magdangal wearing Maison Soriano for Billboard Philippines Women In Music 2024. Photographed by Excel Panlaque

The iconic Jolina Magdangal has been recognized as a Philippine style icon since the 1990s, inspiring a whole generation of fashion-forward Filipinos with her quirky, vibrant ensembles that continue to stand the test of time.

Yet during the Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music Event last March, Magdangal traded her core romantic and feminine aesthetics for a more cool and cosmopolitan attire — revamping the pop icon in a new light. Magdangal’s evolved style, adorned in Maison Soriano‘s meticulously crafted pieces embraces a sophisticated allure, she effortlessly merges glamor with refined elegance, epitomizing the epitome of modern chic. With her suit bedazzled in diamonds and tassels, she exudes an air of opulence, commanding attention with every step.

Maison Soriano’s collaboration with Magdangal marks a pivotal moment in her style evolution, seamlessly blending her vibrant persona with a newfound maturity. The intricate details, such as the iridescent fringe and embellishments on her coat add a pop of texture and eccentricity to her ensemble, striking the perfect balance between edgy and elegant. As she continues to grace the fashion scene (and someday, the MET Gala steps) with her refined aesthetic, Magdangal reaffirms her status as a timeless style icon — inspiring others with her effortlessly chic demeanor and unwavering commitment to sartorial excellence.

Sarah Geronimo & Rajo Laurel

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo wearing Rajo Laurel for Billboard Philippines Women In Music 2024 blue carpet. Photographed by Grant Babia for MEGA Entertainment.

Sarah Geronimo has become the master of her own career, exuding a level of grace and poise with every public appearance she does –– whether it’s on primetime television or when taking the international stage.

Alongside the pop star’s recent blue carpet appearances, Rajo Laurel’s penchant for experimenting with new shapes and structural forms as a master architect of fabrics makes room for a space wherein innovation meets elegance. His keen eye and steady hands play around with the silhouette, texture, and fabrication of his pieces –– finding resonance with the wearer’s body, as well as with how it interacts with the surrounding space that turns each step into a performance.

In the hands of Laurel, Geronimo’s MET Gala moment could become a symphony of unconventional glamor, where the rules of symmetry are playfully subverted, and the traditional notions of red carpet attire are challenged. Through a potential, masterful fusion of mixed-media fabrics and daring textures, Laurel crafts designs that transcend the ordinary –– which could find their rightful place on the global stage. 

Hori7on’s Jeromy & Randolf Clothing

hori7on jeromy

Barong Top by Randolf Clothing. Photo from @nylonmanila. RJ Santos. Photographed by JL Jav

Hori7on has begun to make a name for themselves with their boyish charm and youthful styles on the global stage, influencing a new generation of talents to emulate their distinct look. As one of the First Filipino K-pop stars, Hori7on’s Jeromy is already representing the Philippines on a global scale, with a universal audience and devoted fanbase tuned in to every move and outfit of his.

Together with the group, Jeromy is elevating his stylish sensibilities to a global scale, while simultaneously embracing his heritage proudly. With the help of Randolf Clothing‘s reinvention of the iconic Filipino barong, the duo could exemplify a symphony of tradition and innovation. Crafted from sustainable piña fabric and adorned with intricate embroidery, Randolf’s barongs transcend mere garments, becoming canvases that celebrate the rich tapestry of Filipino culture, with nods to pop culture and music woven into their very fabric. Perfect for the modern musician seeking to make a statement, they effortlessly blend heritage with contemporary style — which perfectly fits the ethos of Jeromy. 

Clad in Randolf’s visionary creations, Jeromy not only showcases his fashionable sensibilities but also exudes a profound sense of national pride and grace as he captivates audiences worldwide, a true embodiment of the Philippines’ cultural renaissance on the global stage. In the hands of Randolf Clothing, Jeromy could proudly represent the Philippines in the MET Gala, with a level of sophistication that stands as a testament to the enduring allure of tradition in the modern age.

SB19 & Neric Beltran


SB19 wearing Neric Beltran’s 2023 collection at BYS Fashion Week 2023 runway show. Photographed by Jerick Gonzales.

Throughout SB19’s illustrious career in the P-pop scene, it’s already been established that they have embraced a unique sense of style –– both as a unit and with their individual means of expression. Their rise to prominence on the global stage has captured the attention of listeners from all around the world, so who better is there than Neric Beltran to dress them for an event like the MET Gala?

Having worked with the group before, Beltran and his designs exemplify a form of innovation that aligns with SB19’s ability to break boundaries while maintaining a form of authoritative confidence –– whether it be sonically or with their style. And while they blend several influences into a fusion that is both classical and avant-garde, it aligns seamlessly with the boyband’s mission to disrupt conventional norms.

Beltran’s strong point of view with his design allows each member of the group to embrace a form of wearable art, one that is detail-oriented avant-garde ensembles that are reminiscent of SB19’s musical and visual direction. The innovative aspects of the group’s visual concept perfectly pair with the designer’s groundbreaking designs can result in looks that can defy expectations and redefine red-carpet fashion on the global stage.

The MET Gala has always stood out as a beacon of sophistication. Aside from its purpose as an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, it also sets the stage as fashion’s biggest night bringing together the entire entertainment industry to showcase their best looks in one of the most prestigious gatherings of the year. This night of glamor unites everyone to partake in the grandest of festivities ––  capturing headlines and attention from onlookers all around the world.

Jennie Kim Met Gala 2024

Jennie Kim attends The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 06, 2024 in New York City. (Courtesy of Billboard. Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

The MET stands as a cultural extravaganza where top-tier designers craft sartorial spectacles that demand everyone’s attention, blending haute couture with celebrity culture in unparalleled grandeur and influence. For designers, the opportunity to dress the entertainment industry’s biggest personalities for the MET Gala is akin to crafting wearable art on the world’s most illustrious canvas.