James Reid has released his new single, “Jacuzzi,” in collaboration with his friend-turned-featured artist B.I.

Reid’s soulful vocals combine with B.I‘s killer rap verse for an easygoing poolside track that that showcases their distinct qualities as music artists. The feel-good song blends house and pop with dynamic synths and upbeat electronic elements.

“I initially became a fan when I heard his song ‘Love Scenario’ with his band iKON. All of his music videos are so great and B.I has some great moves, so I was thrilled to meet him,” Reid said in a press release. They first met backstage at a Seoul concert where B.I asked Reid to perform with him in his Philippine concert.

Grammy Award-winning DJ Flict, who has worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Meghan Trainor, produced the track. Most of the song was recorded in Los Angeles with B.I remotely sending his recorded verse to finally complete the track.

“Working on the music was quick with B.I! His verse complemented the song’s enthusiasm well. I’m thankful that he was able to contribute to this song despite his hectic touring schedule,” Reid said.

The cross-genre collaboration is also a cross-country effort, as “Jacuzzi” marks the first partnership between record labels Cross Ratio Entertainment and Careless as part of a joint regional collaboration aimed toward Asia and beyond.

“I tried to capture the happiness and enjoyment that music can provide. I wanted to create a straightforward, enjoyable banger that perfectly represents a carefree, joyous moment. Although life might be challenging and serious at times, sometimes it’s just a jacuzzi,” Reid concluded.

In the past, Reid has also collaborated with K-pop star Jay B of GOT7, Taiwanese R&B act ØZI, and Woosung of Korean rock band The Rose.