P-pop has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, seeing a resurgence fueled by passion and a renewed creative spirit. From a new wave of groups taking over the Filipino music scene to local artists breaking their way to the global stage.

In 2021, heavy hitters SB19 became the first Southeast Asian act to ever be nominated for a Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards and even rose to the top of the Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart the following year. While the likes of Sarah Geronimo have been continuously making waves globally for the last couple of two decades, spotlighting the star power of Filipino pop music.

On the other hand, we have newcomers like HORI7ON, who are adding to the Philippines’ P-pop scene and even garnering fans across Asia. Since their debut in 2020, BINI have been a consistent mainstay in the homegrown pop music scene, coloring the town pink with their vibrant power anthems on live and love.

With catchy melodies and stories that are distinctly Filipino, P-pop has not only grown in prominence but also evolved in sound and style.

To continue the celebration of Billboard Philippines’ Pop issue, we’re asking you what your favorite P-pop song is. You already heard our recommended list of songs from the Philippines’ most exciting P-pop artists, now, it’s your turn. Vote in our poll below.