R&B singer DEMI is the latest guest on Billboard Philippines Soundwave, performing “Pakundangan” (Respect), her collaboration with rapper Hev Abi.

The performance premiered on Billboard Philippines Soundwave today (February 12). The TikTok show, which is the a platform that showcases the hottest hits in the Filipino music industry today, has featured the likes of Rhodessa, SB19, Janine Teñoso, and more. DEMI and Hev Abi originally released “Pakundangan” in November last year and has since racked up over 13 million streams on Spotify.

DEMI is best known for her chart-breaking hit, “homebdy” featuring Madman Stan. It made history last year as one of the 17 Filipino songs that charted on the Billboard Philippines Songs Charts, the most number of Filipino acts charting simultaneously since the chart’s establishment.

Soundwave is the media platform’s show that showcases the trending songs in today’s music industry. The other flagship programs of Billboard Philippines’ media channels include Studios, which features reimagined versions of an artist’s biggest hits, and Volumes, a podcast that goes behind the music and highlights the stories of different Filipino artists.

“Soundwave puts the spotlight on carefully selected artists and songs chosen by the Billboard Philippines team. This platform serves as a prime stage for up-and-coming artists, potential chart-toppers, and new hits to be heard,” Associate Producer Matthew Ong explains. “Drawing inspiration from the aesthetic of the brand’s cover, this platform offers artists a chance to be heard and seen under the global Billboard branding, providing them with a prominent showcase.”

Episodes of Soundwave are uploaded on TikTok every Monday. Episodes of Volumes are uploaded on Spotify every Wednesday, while episodes of Studios premiere on YouTube every second and last Friday of the month.

Watch DEMI perform “Pakundangan” on Billboard Philippines Soundwave here.