Rapper Hev Abi and R&B singer DEMI are coming together in an upcoming collaboration titled “Pakundangan.”

Slated to release on November 24 (Friday), Produced by zp3nd and mixed and mastered by NJ, “Pakundangan” will be the first time the two artists will work together. In an Instagram post by DEMI teasing the track, she wrote, “[W]e’ll mind our manners.” She also posted a snippet of the track on TikTok with behind-the-scenes footage of their photoshoot. Prior to that, she also posted pictures from the photoshoot teasing the lyrics of the upcoming track.

Hev Abi and DEMI

Hev Abi, DEMI: Courtesy of @demichelsy

Both artists have charted on Billboard’s Philippines Songs Charts this year, joining 15 other Filipino acts in breaking the record for the most homegrown artists on the charts. DEMI went viral for her track with Madman Stan, “homebdy.” She announced on Instagram that the track crossed the biggest single day streams for a female OPM artist on Spotify, surpassing “Kisame” by Rhodessa. Hev Abi charted for “WELCOME2DTQ,” which gained traction on TikTok. He also recently released his full-length record, Kung Alam Mo Lang last month. This will be DEMI’s first track since the release of “homebdy.”

In an exclusive track-by-track interview with Hev Abi, Billboard Philippines wrote, “When hip-hop phenom Hev Abi sits down and makes a song, there are no accidents. Every bar and beat is somehow both carefully crafted and left to chance — the rapper works with a general concept for each track, but also includes lyrics that he thinks of off the fly. The culmination of this hybrid approach to hip-hop music is Kung Alam Mo Lang, a curated ode to unconditional love in all its forms, be it romantic or platonic.”