BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has just announced the launch of her own entertainment agency, BLISSOO.

The surprising news revealed the details of the next chapter of Jisoo’s solo career earlier today –– though the agency will not merely focus on the K-pop artist’s musical ventures. According to the official website (which was made public accidentally), BLISSOO will focus on her artistic merits, with a mission statement that states: “At BLISSOO, guided by the vision of our founder, Kim Jisoo, we are dedicated to spreading happiness, fostering creativity, and celebrating individuality. With a focus on authenticity, innovation, and inclusivity, we strive to create products and experiences that resonate with our diverse audience. Inspired by Jisoo’s passion for artistry and connection, we aim to uplift and empower individuals through our music, merchandise, and initiatives. Our mission is to create a community where everyone feels valued, inspired, and embraced, as we continue to grow together on a journey filled with joy and possibility.”

Other features on the site welcomed BLINKS and fans of the “Flower” hitmaker with a welcome page that mentions “BLISSOO contains the alluring artist JISOO in a special space like a gift box containing JISOO’s absolute happiness. She wants to give happiness and joy to her fans with her diverse appearances and endless charm. We hope that every moment you spend with JISOO at BLISSOO will be a special and meaningful experience.” Though no formal or official announcement from the JISOO or her team has been released,

The news of BLISSOO’s launch follows that of her fellow BLACKPINK bandmates LISA and JENNIE, who established their own labels LLOUD and OA (also known as Odd Atelier) respectively. Though the K-pop sensation has renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for their upcoming group activities, it was mentioned that each group’s four members were to pursue their solo endeavors separately with other music labels.

With three of BLACKPINK’s members having established their own respective labels and agencies, rumors continue to swirl around ROSÉ’s future involvement with other labels (particularly Columbia Records) in the music industry. The group’s contract renewal has also hinted at a major comeback for BLACKPINK’s return later this year, with a new record and upcoming world tour, according to an official statement from YG Entertainment.

As BLINKs anticipate more details regarding Jisoo’s solo endeavors, feel free to revisit her recently released mini-album ME below: