TikTok Artist Services Southease Asia is set to hold their first TikTok Rising Philippines event.

With Billboard Philippines as their exclusive media partner, the February 28 event will feature performances headlined by Lola Amour, Denise Julia, Toneejay as well as Clara Benin, Maki, Kenaniah, Janine, Nameless Kids, and Jason Dhakal. Those on the lineup are all artists who have had their songs go viral on the TikTok.

Lola Amour rose to international fame with the release of their song, “Raining In Manila.” The track has been used by artists like K-pop boy group ENHYPEN’s Jake to Thai rapper and singer BamBam of Got7. In an exclusive interview with Billboard Philippines going behind the virality of the song, lead vocalist Pio Dumayas shared, “[The rain] gave us [the] opportunity to get so many memes out there so people could instantly relate even if they didn’t understand the song yet. That was the first wave. When the song came out, the first thing that gave us exposure or reach were the memes that people were sharing in relation to it [like] baha sa España at may nagje-jetski sa University of Santo Tomas [like it’s flooding in España at someone was riding a jetski at the University of Santo Tomas].”

On the other hand, Denise Julia is also another artist who gained prominence on TikTok. “When [“NVMD”] started picking up, I made sure to show more of myself, [like] the creative process [of my songs] like singing over a beat until there’s a final product. I feel like that authenticity really held the fans close to me and me to them because I really write about experiences that I go through at the moment…I feel like it resonates with them,” she revealed in an interview during the launch of Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1).

While Toneejay’s “711” also went incredibly viral on the platform. It was his first number one song on the Spotify Philippines charts as well as the Billboard Philippines Songs charts. “I didn’t really think much of the song, at the time I thought it was just a throw away idea,” he revealed, adding that he was also intimidated by the idea of making a song like “711”. “[I was intimidated by] the idea of making a song about one thing, the thesis of the song, [that] I want to achieve my dreams… because it can get cheesy really quick,” he shared in his episode on Billboard Philippines Volumes.

Watch out for Billboard Philippines’ exclusive coverage of the event soon.