SOS have released a new live video for their hit track “Favoritism” last February 19.

The new video was shot when the band performed at the 2GOKada Creators Cruise last May 20-23, 2023 alongside other Careless Music artists such as August Wahh and Jolianne.

Earlier in the day, before the video was released, SOS created a poll on their Instagram broadcast channel asking their fans which platform they wanted the band to be more active on. The choices were Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter with Youtube eventually winning. With this, SOS further revealed on their broadcast channel that they would be releasing a live video for “Favoritism” later that night.

“Favoritism” is the seventh track on the alternative indie rock band’s debut studio album Whatever That Was, released in 2017. SOS was formed in 2008 is also known for their songs such as “Magic”, “Just A Bit Of Rain”, and “Roses”. The band’s latest release is their single “Please Lang” which came out last November 17, 2023. It is their second song in Filipino following “Seryoso”, released last 2022.

Before this, SOS also teased via an Instagram post that they are working on new material which they cannot wait to show everyone soon.

Most recently, SOS performed at Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024 which was held in Okinawa, Japan last January 19-21. Other Filipino artists present were Alisson Shore and August Wahh. In preparation for this SOS and August Wahh also held a joint send-off gig at 123 Block last January 13, performing alongside Billboard Philippines Soundwave guest Toneejay, Billboard Philippines Discover artist One Click Straight, Jolianne, and Toots.

Watch the new live video of “Favoritism” by SOS below.