SOS have returned with a new single, titled “Please Lang” today (November 15) via Careless Music. Coming off of the indie rock band’s forthcoming EP, It Was A Moment, the emotional track reflects on the unresolved fights and tense silence in a relationship,

“It’s a sad song that focuses on what happened rather than what could have been. It’s also just good fun, really—being able to laugh or have a sense of humor while experiencing inevitable heartbreak. Eventually, the song takes a darker turn as the song settles; things come to an end, and we just have to accept it,” says frontman Roberto Seña.

Written over two days during an impromptu jam session at La Union’s Bavarian Records Studio, “Please Lang” combines SOS’ signature ’80s pop and ’90s-inspired alt rock styles.

“I think we were slated to finish arranging another song that day, and during our lunch break, I opened a new project file wanting to jam something out. I remember laying in the chords, progression, and drums and it started morphing. I asked Andrew (Panopio, guitar) to go for the groove; Ram (Alonzo) was on the keys, and everyone in the room could feel it,” said drummer King Puentespina.

“It just slowly brought itself together. Seña and Anjo (Silvoza, bass) came into the studio after one of their lunch breaks or meetings or something, and they all got excited. I remember stepping out for a meeting and dinner. I came back, and they had all the words down. It was insanely fun.”

“Please Lang” is the latest offering from It Was A Moment following “Roses”, and also comes as the second release featuring the band’s newest member Ram Alonzo on keyboard. The EP is slated for release early next year, it will come as the highly anticipated follow up to 2020’s The Other Side.

Listen to SOS’ “Please Lang” here.