Norwegian-Filipino artist HILLARI goes further globally by collaborating with Jolianne, a rising artist from the Philippines.

The pair released on October 20 a new version of HILLARI’s million-streaming song “Loyal,” this time featuring Jolianne.

“This collaboration promises to be a harmonious blend of two emerging talents from different parts of the world, combining their unique styles and influences into a powerful musical journey,” a press release reads.

Effectively, the song marries the best of both worlds in HILLARI’s multi-instrumentalist Soul background and Jolianne’s R&B-pop roots.

HILLARI released in July her debut EP, How Is Your Soul, which included the original “Loyal”. 

Earlier this month, she also released a version of the aforementioned song with Norwegian music artist Isah.

HILLARI aims to strengthen her connection with her Filipino audience. Her latest collaboration solidifies the Philippines as her top streaming country worldwide, with her top 10 streaming cities in the country including Quezon City, Davao City, Manila, Cebu City, Caloocan, and Tarlac City. The Oslo-born 18-year-old was raised in Norway’s capital as well as Bacolod, Philippines. Meanwhile, Jolianne hails from Cebu City.