Stell is finally releasing solo music.

On June 7, the SB19 member announced that he will be making his solo debut with the single “Room”. The track — which was teased alongside a short clip — will drop this June 14, 2024.

According to the teaser, the single is hinted to be an upbeat funk track expected to showcase Stell’s vocal versatility. He comes as the last SB19 member to release solo music, most recently following Justin with his debut track “surreal”. While Pablo, Josh, and Ken have regularly been releasing solo music throughout the last couple of years, with each of them releasing singles this 2024 including “edsa”, “Yoko Na”, and “Fake Faces” respectively.

As a group, SB19 just wrapped up their PAGTATAG! era with their sold-out two-night run at Araneta Coliseum. During the concert, Stell performed “Anino”, a track originally composed by Pablo, alongside Maestro Louie Ocampo. The group is set to release a documentary film this August.

Listen to SB19’s PAGTATAG! here.