Look out world — KATSEYE is finally here to take the global stage by storm.

The multinational six-piece girl group has just released their official debut single, aptly titled “Debut,” which marks a strong introduction to their unique sound and artistry. Together with the the track, KATSEYE has dropped a music video to the song, and officially announced the upcoming release of their first EP, SIS (Soft is Strong), which is expected to be out on August 16, 2024.

KATSEYE has been gearing up for their debut single over the past few months and began teasing it over the past few weeks on their official social media accounts. Since their formation seven months back, this international girl group has been ready to introduce themselves to the world, with members Sophia, Yoonchae, Megan, Manon, Lara, and Daniela having been selected from over 120,000 applicants globally through HYBE and Geffen Records’ special program, Debut: The Dream Academy.

Aside from the release of their first EP later this year, KATSEYE will also be the subject of their own serialized Netflix documentary, titled Pop Star Academy: KATSEYE. Produced by HYBE, Interscope Films, and Boardwalk Pictures, the docuseries showcases the formation of the group and their preparations for the forthcoming release of their debut EP. It is directed by award-winning filmmaker Nadia Hallgren (Becoming) and is expected to air on the hit streaming platform in Summer 2024.

As we anticipate the release of KATSEYE’s SIS (Soft is Strong) EP, listen to their “Debut” below: