Over the weekend, competition show The Debut: Dream Academy came to an end, unveiling the highly anticipated lineup of their girl group via a live broadcast.

Named KATSEYE, the members include the Philippines’ Sophia Laforteza — making her the only Filipino artist under Korean entertainment powerhouse HYBE. Joining Laforteza in KATSEYE are the US’ Lara, Megan, Daniela, South Korea’s Yoochae, and Switzerland’s Manon.

In a previous interview with Billboard Philippines, Laforteza shared how she hopes to be an artist that sparks joy to her fans and listeners. ““I feel like sparking joy is the biggest thing that gives me joy. And I do feel like that’s the reason why I chose to do this. Because being an artist and being a performer, it’s all about sending a message and making people feel something –– and that is what makes me happy,” she said.

Since the beginning of the competition show, Laforteza gained attention from across the world for her strong performance abilities. Throughout the show, the singer has expressed her appreciation for her fans’ support — especially from her fellow Filipinos.

“I think the first thing that came to my head when we were told that we were finally going to be introduced to the world was just how proud I was to represent the Philippines. I was going up to the rest of the girls and I was like, I’m so excited for the Philippines to see me,” she told Billboard Philippines.

Details on KATSEYE’s debut has yet to be revealed.

The Debut: Dream Academy was a collaborative project between HYBE and American label Geffen Records to search for the ultimate global girl group.