Dwta and Arthur Miguel have just released their latest single together, titled “Tahan Na”, which is available now on all streaming and digital platforms via Sony Music Philippines.

The recently released track sees the two artists conveying a shared sentiment of longing for love and connection –– which articulates the harsh realities of nurturing unreciprocated emotions. With their effortless harmonization and impressive display of yearning, it’s a stellar collaboration that highlights the very best aspects of both their talents.

“Tahan Na” marks the duo’s second time working with one another following the special rendition of Miguel’s “Lihim” that features Dwta as part of the track. Titled “Lihim (Nuarin Sasabihon)“,  the reworked version of the hit single blends the languages of Tagalog and Bicolano with results that further resonated with listeners across other regions of the Philippines.

In describing the collaboration, Dwta mentioned that working together with Miguel for a second time always results in a remarkable experience. Pointing out how having a great connection and chemistry is important to the creative process, both parties are grateful for the crossovers in their respective genres –– which the “Padaba Taka” hitmaker mentions as an opportunity that allows her to experiment with various musical elements, which in turn enhance her skills as both as songwriter and a performer.

Listen to Dwta and Arthur Miguel’s “Tahan Na” below: