It’s not an overstatement to say that a lot of the under-appreciated work in the music biz goes beyond the artistry of the musicians we’ve come to know and love.

Often, a thriving music industry is a result of being molded by the bigger figures behind the curtain –– who are the record labels that discover, hone, and amplify the voices of the many talented artists around us. Whether it’s a major label making moves in the global music scene or an independent group empowering creatives at every level, it’s through the efforts of these companies that we get the full result of the music that each and every one of us listens to.

In this article, Billboard Philippines is here to introduce you to some of the major record labels that are dominating the Philippine music world. With their rosters containing industry veterans and icons to the promising talents rising in the scene, these labels have played a pivotal role in shaping the Philippine musical landscape, giving us timeless classics, chart-topping hits, and the next big stars for countless of decades. Join us as we navigate through the inner workings of the music industry –– diving into the dynamic realm of music’s heavy hitters and the diverse sounds that define them.

1. Sony Music Philippines

Oh, Flamingo!

Flamingo: Courtesy of @OhFlamingoMusic

A local imprint of Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Philippines was founded almost 30 years ago in 1995. However, following widespread piracy issues in 2012, the label closed down until its second iteration was launched in 2018. This proved to be successful, given how much the label has grown over the course of only a few years. Now, with a new lease on life for both the label and the growing OPM scene at large, Sony Music Philippines has grown to become one of the most successful record labels throughout the entire country –– while also boasting some of the biggest and most promising artists in the industry.

Notable Names Under Their Current Lineup:

  • Eraserheads (under Offshore Music)
  • SB19
  • Rivermaya
  • Ben&Ben
  • Rico Blanco
  • Ena Mori (under Offshore Music)
  • The Itchyworms
  • Clara Benin (under OFFMUTE)
  • Oh, Flamingo!
  • Of Mercury
  • Any Name’s Okay
  • Syd Hartha
  • Barbie Almalbis
  • Ace Banzuelo
  • 4th Impact
  • Munimuni
  • Sponge Cola
  • Morissette
  • Maris Racal
  • Young Cocoa (under OFFMUTE)

2. UMG Philippines Inc. (Universal Music Group Philippines)

Moira Dela Torre

Dela Torre: Courtesy of @MoiraDelaTorre

With its brand name recognized across the globe for its contributions to the world of film, music, and even theme parks, it’s safe to say that Universal has established itself as a household name at this point. And here in the Philippines, this applies to many of the artists signed under their label, UMG Philippines Inc. Despite a series of name changes over the years, UMG PH has retained its status as one of the leading record labels in the country –– while also expanding further with its ever-growing roster of musicians and newly launched sub-labels such as Island Records Philippines and Republic Records Philippines.

Notable Names Under Their Current Lineup:

  • Zack Tabudlo (under Republic Records PH)
  • Moira Dela Torre (under Republic Records PH)
  • Juan Karlos (under Island Records PH)
  • Yeng Constantino (under Republic Records PH)
  • Cheats (under Island Records PH)
  • Blaster Silonga (under Island Records PH)
  • Zild (under Island Records PH)
  • Kindred (under Island Records PH)
  • Inigo Pascual
  • Ciudad (under Island Records PH)
  • One Click Straight (under Island Records PH)

3. Warner Music Philippines (WMP)

Lola Amour

Lola: Courtesy of Warner Music Philippines

Warner Music Philippines, a branch of the renowned multinational conglomerate Warner Music Group, stands as a testament to the global music powerhouse’s commitment to nurturing local talent and shaping the Filipino music scene. Since being founded in 1977, Warner Music Philippines has consistently championed homegrown artists, offering them a platform to showcase their creativity and reach a broader audience. In the present day, their current lineup of talent features an impressive array of artists spanning various genres, from successful chart-toppers to some of the most promising hip-hop acts coming into the local music scene.

Notable Names Under Their Current Lineup:

  • Lola Amour
  • Dilaw
  • Paul Pablo
  • IV of Spades
  • Felip (Ken of SB19)
  • Jason Dhakal
  • Party Pace
  • Carousel Casualties
  • Leanne & Naara
  • Urbandub

4. Universal Records

Gary Valenciano

Valenciano: Courtesy of @GaryVOfficial

Recognized as the biggest independent record label in the country, Universal Records has carved its own path to build its reputation by signing some of the most prominent talents in the music business. This includes aiding in the careers of such industry icons as Gary Valenciano and Regine Velasquez, alongside notable talents like Christian Bautista, Sponge Cola, and so much more. As of 2018, Universal Records had established its own sub-label, Mustard Music, which caters to honing the talents of homegrown indie acts in the hope of showcasing their music to a wider audience.

Notable Names Under Their Current Lineup:

  • Gary Valenciano
  • Christian Bautista
  • APO Hiking Society (now disbanded)
  • Parokya Ni Edgar
  • Paolo Sandejas
  • Shanti Dope
  • Ice Seguerra
  • TALA
  • Timmy Albert (under Mustard Music)
  • The Ransom Collective (under Mustard Music)

5. Star Music


BGYO: Courtesy of @BGYO.PH

Star Music, a subsidiary of the multimedia heavyweight ABS-CBN Corporation, has been a cornerstone of the Philippine music industry for decades. Rooted in a history of iconic releases and unparalleled talent since 1995, its list of performers features a whole lot of notable names in the entertainment industry –– not limited to the world of music. But with its commitment to discovering, nurturing, and promoting Filipino musical talent, there is a breadth of talent that anyone can find from the stellar set of names that Star Music has carried all throughout the years.

Notable Names Under Their Lineup:

  • BGYO 
  • BINI
  • Darren Espanto
  • Daniel Padilla
  • Regine Velasquez 
  • Erik Santos 
  • KZ Tandingan 
  • Morissette 
  • Maki (Tarsier Records)
  • Jolina Magdangal
  • Maymay Entrata (Star Pop PH)
  • Ogie Alcasid
  • Janella Salvador
  • Jed Madela
  • Kyla 
  • Angeline Quinto

6. Viva Records

Arthur Nery

Nery: Courtesy of @vivarecords

Throughout the years, Viva Records has established itself as a venerable institution in the Philippine music industry. Since its founding in 1982, it has set the stage for numerous Filipino artists and has aided in shaping their careers to produce some of the most memorable hits in our country’s musical history. Currently, their selection of artists comprises established figures in the local scene (such as the Philippine Prin1cess of Pop, Sarah Geronimo) alongside independent rock stars making their mark on the industry.

Notable Names Under Their Current Lineup:

  • Sarah Geronimo
  • Arthur Nery
  • True Faith
  • The Juans

7. PolyEast Records

Sandwich Square Image


Home to some of the most influential OPM acts, PolyEast Records has been a steady figure in the Philippine music scene and has supported artists for a number of decades. This independent and proudly Filipino-owned record label not only contains its own successful publishing arm, but has recently ventured into the realms of artist management.

With its first iteration being established by Orly Ilacad following his departure from Vicor Music, the label has gone through a series of name changes over the years (such as Canary Records, OctoArts International, OctoArts EMI Music Inc. and EMI Philippines), yet its contributions remain consistent as a home for Filipino artists. To this day, PolyEast Records continues to be a major player in the OPM industry and maintains its upstanding reputation as a label to keep an eye on.

Notable Names Under Their Lineup:

  • Sandwich
  • Arron Rebustes
  • Martin Nievera
  • Drei Raña
  • JAO
  • Ron Macapagal
  • Deuces
  • Cedric Escobar
  • The 28th

8. OC Records

Unique Salonga: Courtesy of @O/CRecords

Unique Salonga: @O/C Records

As one of the fastest rising independent labels in the country, O/C Records may be one of the youngest among the record labels mentioned here. But in the short time since it’s it’s garnered significant recognition for their jam-packed roster of talented individuals who have managed to carve a name for themselves on the music scene.

  • Kean Cipriano
  • Unique Salonga
  • ADIE
  • mrld
  • Kenaniah
  • Cean Jr.