BTS member V will be coming out with his new single titled “FRI(END)S” this March 15.

Last night (March 3, Philippine time), BIGHIT Entertainment wrote on Weverse, “Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. We are excited to announce the release of BTS member V’s digital single, “FRI(END)S.” “FRI(END)S” is a love song in the Pop Soul R&B genre. Please stay tuned for its release! Thank you for your continued love and support for BTS.”

The single is slated to come out at 1 PM Korean Standard Time (KST) or 12 midnight Eastern Time (ET). Most recently, he was featured in IU’s music video for “Love Wins All” for his upcoming album The Winning. When it was announced earlier this month, the single was initially called “Love Wins” but was later changed due to backlash. “We decided to change the title to respect and support everyone who loves in their various ways, and we accept the opinions of those who express concerns that precious messages might be blurred due to the title,” EDAM Entertainment wrote in a press statement.

His latest collaboration was with Japanese-American singer-songwriter Umi. Umi recently released her EP talking back to the wind earlier this year. The EP co-produced by BTS member V, who collaborated with her on her previous single, “wherever u r.” She had previously shared on Instagram live that she wasn’t aware that V was set to undergo his mandatory military service during the time they were recording the collaboration. The song was then released on the South Korean idol’s birthday last year. The duo also collaborated on V’s last single, “wherever u r.”

The K-Pop idol is set to return from his mandatory military service this June 2025.

While waiting for V’s “FRI(END)S” to drop, listen to “wherever u r” featuring Umi below.