This 2024, Ariana Grande doesn’t care what her critics or haters have to say.

With the release of her highly-anticipated comeback “yes, and?” the American pop star directly tackles the comments and controversies that have followed her over the past few years, ranging from the constant body shaming she’s been subjected to, the massive leak of unreleased material, and all the rumors swirling around her personal life. Yet despite all the negative energy, Grande ultimately chooses to focus on herself –– preferring to have her listeners dance the night away with the euphoric house-inspired anthem.

Producers Max Martin and ILYA’s involvement with the single gives it a refreshing touch that stands out from Grande’s prior releases, which have primarily leaned towards R&B and pop rather than electro-pop. Though it is a commendable departure from her signature sound (and reflects a bold willingness to evolve), there’s a sense that the full potential of hearing the “God is a woman” hitmaker embrace the electronic and house genres remains largely untapped –– especially when compared to the more profound executions of other artists in the same space. Still, there’s nothing wrong with Grande’s effort considering she’s only begun to scratch the surface of what these realms truly entail, as well as her efforts in making these two genres a lot more accessible to the mainstream.

Nevertheless, the song’s (admittedly minor) shortcomings can be easily overlooked by its infectious charm. With a replay value that is nothing short of addicting, “yes, and?” manages to hold the attention of its listeners with every playthrough, even introducing new elements and lyrics to find amusement with. The clever, slightly sassy lyricism weaves a narrative that is unapologetic and can resonate with a broad audience who are navigating similar life situations or scrutiny. Lines from the track’s bridge like “My tongue is sacred, I speak upon what I like; Protected, sexy, discerning with my time; Your energy is yours and mine is mine” serve as an empowering and unbothered motto to those listening, echoing a nature that’s similar to main character energy.

At its core, “yes, and?” succeeds in its intention to mark a new era for Grande and her artistry. Fun, free, and fierce, it’s a welcome return for one of the biggest pop singers of today. And with its tasteful use of interpolation from Madonna’s iconic hit “Vogue“, the song righteously earns a glimmering disco sheen that is as anthemic as it is exhilarating –– making this a worthy track to be spun at any time on the dance floor.

“yes, and?” comes as the first glimpse of Grande’s latest album, Eternal Sunshine slated for release this year. Listen to Ariana Grande’s yes, and? below: