From the acoustic stylings of Ice Seguerra that filled our homes throughout the past two decades to the modern-day R&B anthems from Denise Julia that flood our social media feeds, so much of Filipino music is made up of LGBTQIA+ artists that are carving out and taking up space in the scene, in their own distinct ways.

So, in celebration of Pride Month, Billboard Philippines is hosting their stories, experiences, and journeys, and sharing them with you.

Throughout June, we’ve paired together queer artists to exchange conversation and discuss how they discovered their sound and identities, the music scene as they know it, and what lies ahead for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through special artist-on-artist interviews which features a Volumes episode and a digital feature, they share their stories — in the way they want to.

Photographed by Mayks Go

For the first half of June, we’re bringing to the spotlight revered singer-songwriter Ice Seguerra, En Altomonte of rising rock band Dilaw, and Hannah Jabla of indie outfit bird. Together, they share their individual experiences of transitioning and the evolution of the Filipino music industry’s acceptance of queer artists.

Having all emerged onto the scene at different points in time and having had varied roles as musicians, Seguerra, Altomonte, and Jabla sit down to talk about the hardships and joys of their journeys in music and the difference between the mainstream and indie scenes. The trio’s Volumes episode is set to air today, June 12 on both Spotify and YouTube, while their digital feature is slated for release on June 19.

Jason Dhakal and Denise Julia On Coming Out and Their Relationship With Music

Photographed by Mayks Go

The latter half of June looks at the new generation of queer artists, who are unapologetic and unbashful about who they are. Featuring Denise Julia and Jason Dhakal, the two R&B stars and friends sit down to talk about how they starting conversations and challenging expectations through their music.

From having to defend who they are online to relentlessly holding their ground in the industry, the pair discuss their ever-changing relationship with music, if there’s a need to “come out”, and both the accessibility and brutality of social media. Julia and Dhakal’s special Pride feature is set for release on June 26.

Celebrate Pride Month with us and stay tuned for the insightful and exciting stories from Ice Seguerra, En Altomonte, Hannah Jabla, Denise Julia, and Jason Dhakal throughout June.

Jason Dhakal styled by Clarisse Furio, makeup by Joey Mercado. En Altomonte makeup by Joey Mercado. Hannah Jabla makeup by Karmela Jabla. Denise Julia styled by Bianca Pesos.